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DB Weekly Issue 11
April 24, 2014
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Crate Data: An Open Source, Massively Scalable Data Store Bills itself as a ‘shared nothing, fully searchable, document oriented cluster data store.’ The overview page outlines what it’s all about. So far it has official Python, Ruby and Java clients and a community Node.js client.
CRATE Technology
A Developer's Guide to Understanding DBAs (video) If you’re a developer, you might find DBAs (database administrators) a little tricky to understand. This 30 minute looks at what they need, what they value, and their approach to both their work and interacting with developers.
Brent Ozar
Redis 2.8.9 Released The latest version of the popular data structure server is out with a rather unique release.. zero bug fixes but a couple of new features: the HyperLogLog data structure, and three new comments for sorted sets.
Salvatore Sanfilippo
From our supporter
Stress-Free Scaling of MongoDB with ObjectRocket Sharding. Three node replica sets. Horizontal scaling. These are all the things a developer needs to consider if their MongoDB database blows up. ObjectRocket co-founder Chris Lalonde discusses how his service enables devs to scale without a hassle in this video. New web applications don’t have the luxury of time to work through scaling issues; they must scale from day one.
Design a Better SQL Database With Database Normalization The first in a series of posts about doing data science with SQL.
Joshua Lande
Averages Can Be Misleading: Try A Percentile Elasticsearch 1.1.0 includes a new metric aggregation, the Percentile metric. Here’s a look at why it’s useful. Postgres users may also be interested in similar functionality coming in Postgres 9.4.
Learn to Database A short lighthearted tale about why understanding databases as a developer is rather essential.
Deliberate Software
Defensive Database Programming with SQL Server (PDF) A complete e-book (from 2010).
Alex Kuznetsov
MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.6 Upgrade Support for Amazon RDS
Amazon Web Services Blog
OurSQL Episode 182: Optimizing MariaDB A podcast episode what looks at optimizer improvements in MariaDB 10.
Technocation, Inc.
PostgreSQL Tour De Force (for .NET Developers) Peter Shaw and Rob Sullivan present a thorough introduction to Postgres, what makes it unique, why you might want to use it as a .NET database and how to use it in a simple .NET entity framework application. (Note: No video till 1:39.)
Accelerate Your Insights: Building In-Memory in SQL Server 2014
Managing Data in HBase using Ruby and Thrift
Agility Feat
DBMSs and Tools
Hank: A High Scale Distributed Key-Value NoSQL Database Designed for very large data stores that dwarf the amount of available main memory and for randomly distributed read/write workloads that far exceed the capacity of memory-based caches. Optimized for very low latency random read queries and for very high throughput incremental batch writes.
Sky: A Behavioral Data Database An open source database used for flexible, high performance analysis of behavioral data. For certain kinds of data such as clickstream data and log data, it can be several orders of magnitude faster than traditional approaches such as SQL databases or Hadoop.
Ben Johnson
CRUD Admin Generator: Generate A PHP Backend From A MySQL Database
Jon Segador
Ork: Object-Document Mapping for Riak in Ruby
Emiliano Mancuso
Data Infrastructure Engineer (San Francisco, CA) At Rackspace, we build the core infrastructure and pipeline capabilities needed to keep data flowing within the company and stay out of the spotlight. We are focused on building robust, massive scale systems and data pipelines with extremely high availability. Enabling others with data is our core mission. As the Data Infrastructure Engineer you will work on a deployable and highly available platform with hundreds of users across the company with a 99.99% availability SLA, lead the development of our next-generation data infrastructure to support complex data pipelines, ETL jobs, and the packaging, deployment, and integration of Hadoop ecosystem components. Learn more about the role and responsibilities here.
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