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DB Weekly Issue 13
May 8, 2014
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Location-Based Search of Wikipedia Using MongoDB A straightforward look at how to download Wikipedia’s content, extract geolocation metadata, load the data into MongoDB, and then query it using MongoDB’s geojson support.
Gear 11
Database Design with UML and SQL, 3rd Edition An e-book you can read for free on the Web.
Tom Jewett
Migrating From Redis To MongoDB – A Real-World Example They had concerns that Redis’ in-memory data model might eventually limit the volume of data they could quickly access. However, when we calculated the memory their Redis data store used and its rate of growth, we showed them they had nothing to worry about for, oh, the next decade or two. We identified during conversation that they had a wrenching need to be more statistically sophisticated. Exploring that need powered our recommendation – and their eventual move – to MongoDB. Read more about the decision to migrate here.
What are the Options for Storing Hierarchical Data in a Relational Database?
Stack Overflow
Postgres Datatypes – The Ones You're Not Using Postgres has a broad range of datatypes in addition to the usual suspects (int, numeric, varchar). While not always applicable for all apps, when you do need them they can be extremely handy.
Craig Kerstiens
Ways to Select Random Data with SQL [PDF] An excerpt from SQL Antipatterns.
The Pragmatic Bookshelf
To NoSQL or not to NoSQL? “It’s more important than ever to properly identify the requirements for the application, and then choose the right database, or databases for the job.”
Information Age
Rankings with InnoDB Full-Text Search MySQL 5.6 introduced full-text indexes for the popular InnoDB storage engine but many users noticed the rankings didn’t match those of MyISAM’s full-text search on the same data. Matt Lord explains and looks into why.
MySQL Server Blog
Postgres Partitioning Explained Been curious about partitioning data or how table inheritance works within Postgres? You’re not alone, but here’s a transcript from a conversation that sheds quite a bit of light on how it works.
Keith and Aleksandr
4 Lightweight Ways to Tell if a (SQL Server) Database is Being Used Some handy approaches if you want to clean up miscellaneous databases on your SQL Server installation.
Kendra Little
Building an Analytics Engine using MongoDB, Go, and An introduction to a video of a talk that digs into an interesting MongoDB case study. Blog
Running MongoDB Queries Concurrently With Go
Searching for Strings in SQL Server Databases
Phil Factor
Slashes and Backslashes in MySQL Queries
Dave Stokes
DBMSs and Tools
The Good and Ugly of Working with RavenDB: A Panel Discussion (video) RavenDB bills itself as a ‘2nd generation document database’. It’s open source, based on the .NET platform, and designed to run on Windows.
Announcing New MongoDB Instances on Microsoft Azure
BackMyDB: A MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, and PostgreSQL Database Backup Service
Mongo/Cassandra DBA (San Antonio or Austin, TX) Rackspace is seeking a Mid-to-Senior level DBA to join our Operations team to work on our scalable, highly-available Mongo and Cassandra platforms. Love a challenge? Anyone can manage a single application - we manage and maintain the infrastructure for many of the internal Rackspace automation teams. You’ll be part of a highly capable and motivated team working on solving the hard problems of scalability, availability, and performance on a global platform. Read more about the role and apply here.
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