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DB Weekly Issue 18
June 12, 2014
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16 NoSQL and NewSQL Databases To Watch Looks at a wide range of options including Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, Riak, VoltDB, and more. (Unfortunately it’s 17 pages to click through even on the print version, so be aware.)
Information Week
Apache CouchDB 1.6.0 Released CouchDB is a NoSQL database that uses JSON to store data and JavaScript as its query language.
0xDBE: A New IDE from JetBrains with Advanced DB Tools for DBAs and Developers The IDE includes coding assistance for SQL, schema management, version control integration and more.
From our supporter
DevOps Automation: Benchmarking Application Performance with StatsD and Graphite Using DevOps tools can dramatically improve your software delivery pipeline. Join this webinar Thursday, July 17th at 1pm CDT featuring the Rackspace DevOps Automation Team and learn how to benchmark application performance with StatsD and Graphite. Register here.
Lambda Architecture: Design Simpler, Resilient, Maintainable and Scalable Big Data Solutions Data systems do not change as often as their surrounding application stacks. It is therefore important to design data systems for the long term. Lambda Architecture proposes a simple, elegant paradigm designed to tame complexity while being able to store and effectively process large amounts of data.
6 Rules of Thumb for MongoDB Schema Design: Part 3 The latest in a series we’ve been following closely.
In MySQL, ORDER BY ... ASC Is Slow and 'Using Index Condition' On a query, requesting a descending ordering is proving to be fast, an ascending ordering slow. Markus Winand responds and explains why.
Stack Overflow
25 Features Your Developers Are Missing When Not Using Postgres Want a cheat sheet of features that you’re missing out on when not using Postgres? Here’s a great one ranging from the obvious of JSON/hstore, to the more specialized ones in dealing with auditing and unlogged tables.
Sameer Kumar
Introduction to SQL Server on Microsoft Azure If you need to use SQL Server, there are a variety of benefits to running it on Microsoft’s cloud hardware.
Database Journal
How SQLite is Tested SQLite 3.8.0 has 1084 times more testing code and scripts than it does actual implementation code.
Yet Another 10 Common Mistakes Java Developers Make When Writing SQL
PostgreSQL Columnar Store Benchmarks On SSDs
Citus Data
A Kickstarter for a High Performance Neo4j Video Course Max De Marzi is trying to secure pledges so he can create a video training course on building high performance Neo4J (the graph-based database) apps. It looks like he has a good shot of reaching his goal.
Hosted Hadoop Gets Traction Cloud-based Hadoop deployments are becoming increasingly popular despite the disadvantages of outsourcing big data storage. This post looks at a few vendors and how things are taking off.
How Not to Benchmark Cassandra: A Case Study
Sizing SQL Server for AWS What’s the best way to size a SQL Server instance in the cloud?
Jeremiah Peschka
PostgreSQL's Hipper, Feistier Self: An Interview with Bruce Momjian Postgres was long known as a safer, more conservative database compared to others (say, MySQL) but in recent history its star has been in the ascendant. Here’s a great interview with Bruce Momjian of Postgres core on where Postgres is at and where it’s headed.
'The Chain Gang', a Riveting Tale of Chained and Migrated Rows in Oracle
Database Journal
Capturing Deadlocks in SQL Server
Jes Schultz Borland
PostgreSQL SWAG: JSON Data Type and Working with Twitter Data A look at how easy it is to use Postgres’ JSON datatype to work with data imported from Twitter.
Bibhas Debnath
Foreign Tables (in Postgres) are not as Useful as I Hoped
Shaun M. Thomas
DBMSs and Tools
SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2 Now Available
SQL Server Team
MySQL for Excel 1.3.0 Beta Has Been Released MySQL for Excel is an application plug-in enabling data analysts to very easily access and manipulate MySQL data within Microsoft Excel.
MySQL Windows Experience Team
Redis 2.8.11 Released: A Bug Fix Release
Salvatore Sanfilippo
Facebook Open Sources 'Haxl': A Haskell Library for Remote Data Access
Mongo/Cassandra DBA (San Antonio or Austin, TX) Rackspace is seeking a Mid-to-Senior level DBA to join our Operations team to work on our scalable, highly-available Mongo and Cassandra platforms. Love a challenge? Anyone can manage a single application - we manage and maintain the infrastructure for many of the internal Rackspace automation teams. You’ll be part of a highly capable and motivated team working on solving the hard problems of scalability, availability, and performance on a global platform. Read more about the role and apply here.
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