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Issue 60 — May 29, 2015
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It’s not easy, but some people fight MySQL’s corner pretty well.

William Lyon
A look at how to use a graph database to implement a feature that recommends articles to users based on other articles they’ve shared on Twitter.

Yan Cui
A look at some of the concepts behind modelling the economy within a game using a graph database.

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“Couchbase Server was able to sustain 1.1 million writes per second. The data set size was 3 billion items with a value size of 200 bytes.”

Mark Dumphy
And got a 70% cost savings. Why and how?

2nd Quadrant
Sometimes complex orderings then calculations over data can be a bit complicated in SQL. Postgres 9.4 quietly brought a few new functions that make it more powerful and easier to iterate over groups of data for things like percentiles and more.

Channel 9
Temporal in SQL Server is designed to simply the handling of time-varying data. It provides the ability to look at data trends, types of data changes, and the overall data evolution within your database.


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