DB Weekly
Issue 27 — August 29, 2014
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Andy Oram looks at how high-performance persistent memory in the form of SSDs (or ‘Flash’ drives) throws many traditional decisions overboard when it comes to database storage.

Reynold Xin
A list of papers essential to understanding databases and building new data systems being maintained by Reynold Xin.

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The “Shark Tank Effect” is well known—it’s the massive traffic explosion a small company’s site sees from an appearance on the show. Our site’s traffic ballooned from an average of 4,500 visitors per day to nearly 57,000 that Friday the show aired. Could your infrastructure handle this spike? Find out how ours did – we didn’t even need to use the Diamond Cutter.


Kenny Bastani
A look at Graphify, a Neo4j extension that provides plug and play natural language text classification and lets you extract features from text using deep learning.

A recent poll querying data scientists on which programming and statistics languages they use found that 4 languages dominate: R, Python, SAS, and SQL (in that order).

Steve Lohr
At ACM’s annual KDD data science conference, keynoter Oren Etzioni put out a call to arms to the world of data experts over the future of data science.


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