DB Weekly
Issue 29 — September 12, 2014
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The Register
Britain’s National Health Service has removed Oracle from a national patient database system (“Spine”) and replaced it with Basho’s Riak NoSQL system.

Simple Talk
David Poole thinks it is time to end the unnecessary conflict between developer and DBA, and explains how to deal professionally with the inevitable friction between development and operation activities in IT.

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The Hadoop ecosystem is crammed full of software, much of which duplicates efforts, and much of which is named so similarly that it’s very confusing for newcomers. If you’re new to Hadoop, this guide is perfect to help you get familiar. Part 1 one covers the most common and core pieces of functionality.


Chris Riley picks up some lessons from a recent database outage at Walgreens and explains how good devops procedures can avoid such situations.

Database Journal
In Oracle releases 10.2.0.x and later join processing can be made more efficient by the use of Bloom filters, primarily to reduce traffic between parallel query slaves.

OPM Development Group
OPM is an open source solution to help you collect stats and display them to monitor your Postgres databases. Give it a look or try the demo.

SD Times
FoundationDB has released a free, open-source SQL database engine that sits on top of its key-value store. This follows their purchase of Akiban, from where the technology comes.


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