DB Weekly
Issue 32 — October 3, 2014
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An interesting case study of how a major DNS provider reworked their backend DNS database and logging system using Redis.

William Kent
This guide to the principles behind database normalization from 1982 has done the rounds on Hacker News recently.

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SumAll handles lots of data - its business is built on it. They have data multiplied by data at extremely high speeds which requires Mongo. With write contention issues, something breaks every month. SumAll shares their lessons learned in their years of big data and how they manage their Mongo problems. Watch the video.


A quick look at choosing a database that’s optimized for your specific needs by looking at the CAP (Consistency, Availability, Partition-Tolerant) Theorem.

Analyst group Forrester Research released a pair of reports looking at document-oriented NoSQL databases and key-value NoSQL databases respectively. This article summarizes their findings.

Want to see how Postgres measures up performance-wise to Mongo? Here are some insights taking advantage of Postgres 9.4 and the JSONB data format to allow for a more direct comparison.


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