DB Weekly
Issue 52 — March 20, 2015
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Tony Hoare invented the null reference in 1965 and he considers it a ‘billion-dollar mistake’ for the amount of trouble it has caused. Even today, SQL’s null value is the cause of several common mistakes.

An open source distributed SQL query engine for running interactive analytic queries against data sources of all sizes ranging from gigabytes to petabytes.

JP Toto
If you administer an SQL Server database but you’d like to expose all the data you’ve collected in more interesting, effective, and searchable ways, this is worth a read.

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Normally, point releases in technology are not always newsworthy. For many legacy applications, the only glaring differences are subversive bug fixes and enhancements to keep up with competitive pressures. The Apache HadoopTM application is an exception because the technology is evolving so fast and in such high demand that each point release comes with notable improvements and several new tools that are actively changing the way users are running their queries, architecting their environments and developing their use cases. Learn More.


Matt Kalan discovers Spark is easy to integrate with MongoDB for doing large scale analysis.

O'Reilly Radar
While you can exercise the features of a traditional database with a million rows, for Hadoop it’s not nearly enough. Think billions of rows instead.

Mode Analytics
Are you or someone you know looking to find a good resource for learning SQL? Here’s a great walkthrough of the basics.


  • Database Administrator (Blacksburg, VA)Rackspace is seeking a Senior Database Administrator in our Blacksburg, VA office. The Senior DBA will be responsible for maintaining the company’s database systems (currently MS SQL Server) including back-up, performance tuning, capacity planning, monitoring critical events and documentation. Learn More.

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