DB Weekly
Issue 56 — April 24, 2015
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Dan Crisan
A great set of short posts bundled together to provide an overview of topics like SQL, constraints, triggers, the relational model, indexing, and more.

Twitter provides some insights on how it uses MySQL and shares its plans to open source Mysos, a new MySQL on Mesos framework (Mesos is a system that abstracts datacenter resources so you can code against them as a single entity.)

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New to Redis? Looking for a few tips and tricks to get you started? This overview will cover some key operations and common uses of Redis, along with security options and a few simple example scripts. Learn More.


Join Oracle Corporation luminaries Andy Mendelsohn, Tom Kyte, and Steven Feuerstein as they share their thoughts about the longevity of SQL, what’s amazing about SQL, and why SQL is here to stay.

Paste in a list and then write a transformed example of a single line of the data - it then attempts to apply your changes to the entire list.

Rob Conery
Loads all of your tables, Postgres functions, and local query files up as functions; supports full text search; has full JSONB document support; has a REPL; and more.

Database Journal
Oracle’s latest database release has an unusual problem when joining tables with 500 or more columns.


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