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DB Weekly Issue 5
March 14, 2014
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RethinkDB: A Qualitative Review An evaluation and explanation of RethinkDB, an open-source distributed database system that supports automatically parallelized queries with an intuitive query API.
The Carbon Emitter
Processing 2 Billion Documents A Day And 30TB A Month With MongoDB Server Density processes over 30TB/month of incoming data points from the servers and web checks they monitor for their customers. All of this data goes into MongoDB in real time and is pulled out when customers need to view graphs, update dashboards and generate reports.
MongoDB Blog
Oracle Database, WebLogic Server and JDK are now Generally Available on Windows Azure
Microsoft Interoperability
From our supporter
What Kind of Relationship are you Seeking with your Database? Join us for a webinar Thursday, March 27th where we will dive into areas of consideration and some real world use cases of how you can leverage multiple data platforms. Best uses of MySQL and NoSQL flavors (especially MongoDB, Redis, and Hadoop) will be discussed. Learn more and register here.
Building a Social Music Service Using AWS, Scala, Akka, Play, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch
High Scalability
How to Build A Kick Ass Couchbase Stack for Under $1000 For under a grand a month, 8 servers built around a 4 node Couchbase cluster, complete with SSDs.
Scalability Solved
Innovation and the Data Platform Continuum at Microsoft Shawn Bice, a director in the Database Systems Group at Microsoft, shares some insights into Microsoft’s data platform and how they see it progressing into the future.
SQL Server Team Blog
Building A Relevancy Engine using MongoDB and Go A short slide deck.
Why We Built ElasticSearch (video) At dotScale 2013, Shay Banon, the creator of Elasticsearch (the open source, distributed, RESTful, search and analytics engine), explained the background to the project.
Microsoft Brings Innovations From SQL Server To Hadoop With Stinger Microsoft is bringing some of the technological breakthroughs of SQL Server to Hadoop (and vice versa).
SQL Server Team Blog
Shuttleworth Says Ubuntu Is Sticking with MySQL
Good News About SQL Server Standard Edition's Limits SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition’s memory limit has been raised to 128GB from 64GB.
Brent Ozar
Neo4j at Ludicrous Speed Neo4j is a highly scalable, robust (fully ACID) native graph database and it’s possible to get many thousands of requests per second out of it.
Max De Marzi
10 More Common Mistakes Java Developers Make when Writing SQL
Tools and Tips for Analysis of MySQL's Slow Query Log
MySQL Performance Blog
The CAP Theorem and Its Implications
Sugu Sougoumarane
DBMSs and Tools
MySQLTuner-perl MySQLTuner is a script written in Perl that will assist you with your MySQL configuration and make recommendations for increased performance and stability.
Major Hayden
Redsmin: An Advanced Redis GUI for Editing, Administering, and Visualizing Real-time Data From Redis
Amazon ElastiCache, Now With Redis 2.8.6 ElastiCache is an Amazon web service that makes it easy for you to create, operate, and scale an in-memory cache. It now supports the latest version of Redis too.
Amazon Web Services Blog
Data Engineer (San Francisco, CA) Rackspace is always looking for people who want to push the boundaries of cloud computing. On the data team you will sit on top of a mountain of cloud data working to expose it to the rest of the organization while building out our next generation data platform. Our team has a unique blend of infrastructure skills, data skills, and engineering skills that enable us to execute across the full data stack. We are looking for talented data people who enjoy working on massive systems and frequently think about the design and flow of data throughout the organization. Interested? See the list of qualifications here.
Postgres Database Administrator (San Antonio, TX)
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