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DB Weekly Issue 6
March 20, 2014
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Throw Some Keys on it: Data Modeling For Key/Value Data Stores by Example (video) At Big Ruby 2014, Hector Castro explored data modeling for key/value stores using the Uber mobile application as an example.
PostgreSQL Updates 9.3.4, 9.2.8, 9.1.13, 9.0.17, and 8.4.21 Released The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released an update to all supported versions. 9.3.4 fixes a data corruption issue with replication and crash recovery, as well as several other minor issues in all versions.
SQL Server 2014 RTM Announced: General Release on April 1st Two years on from SQL Server 2012, Microsoft has announced SQL Server 2014 has been released to manufacturing and will be generally available on April 1st. This post summarizes some of the updates.
NoSQL Job Trends in February 2014 MongoDB continues to be on top with Cassandra not too far behind. HBase suffered the biggest drop in 2013.
Regular Geek
From our supporter
Fine-Tuned Hardware To Run MongoDB “We realized early on that using existing public cloud infrastructure wasn’t going to work.” That’s why they went out and got their own hardware and tested, tuned and optimized it… all specifically for MongoDB. With a three-node replica set and MongoDB engineers on staff, learn more about ObjectRocket and how they fine-tuned hardware to run MongoDB.
Postgres's Full-Text Search is Good Enough Postgres has had full text search for a while but tools like Elasticsearch and Solr are becoming increasingly popular to add on. Here’s a rather extensive post that digs into the basics as well as a few more complicated things (eventually building a complete search system) but without the need for an external system for full text search.
Rach Belaid
My Favorite MongoDB Replication Feature: Crash Safety After a crash, the user is ensured that the state of the data in collections is in sync with the state of the oplog.
How MemSQL Distributes Data MemSQL boasts the world’s fastest in-memory row store with a new highly compressed column store. This post takes a look at how MemSQL spreads work around a cluster of servers without sacrificing ease of use.
MySQL versus Firebird
Ocelot Computer Services
Encrypting Logs on Their Way to Elasticsearch If you want to send your logs to Elasticsearch, so you can search or analyze them in realtime, but your server is in a third party location (such as EC2), you might need to forward your data over an encrypted channel.
4 Reasons Perfect Market Bets on MongoDB
Perfect Market
Apache ZooKeeper Resilience at Pinterest Apache ZooKeeper is an open source distributed coordination service that’s popular for use cases like service discovery, dynamic configuration management and distributed locking.
Cloudera Developer Blog
Synchronizing Clocks In a Cassandra Cluster
Viliam Holub
Migrating from Hibernate to MongoDB Over the past year, eHarmony has migrated a critical app from Hibernate to MongoDB. In this talk, Rick Warren looks at specific challenges they faced and shares some of the gotchas and best practices they developed and discovered.
Partial and Fuzzy Matching with MongoDB
John Page
Building Hadoop Data Applications with Kite Writing Hadoop applications can be a big challenge for newcomers. Tom White looks at best practices for building data apps that run on Hadoop, and introduces the Kite SDK, an open source project with the goal of simplifying Hadoop application development by codifying many best practices.
Summingbird: A Streaming Map-Reduce API for Storm, Hadoop, & More
Oscar Boykin
Data Migrations Manager (Austin, TX) ObjectRocket is seeking a Data Migrations Manager to join our team to work on our scalable, highly-available Mongo platform. You’ll be part of a highly capable and motivated team working on solving the hard problems of scalability, availability, and performance on a global platform. Read more about the position and qualifications here.
Senior Hadoop Developer (Austin, TX) We’re changing the way people think about Big Data and the Cloud.  We’re dedicated to building an open, highly-scalable, infrastructure on top of open source technologies like OpenStack, Linux, and Hadoop giving customers the ability to have a Big Data platform up and running in minutes, not days.

If you are seeking a position in software development where you can influence the future of Big Data and have experience in Hadoop, NoSQL, virtualization, or building high-performance hardware or software systems, we would like to talk to you about how you may fit on our team at Rackspace.
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