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DB Weekly Issue 7
March 27, 2014
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WebScaleSQL: A Collaboration to Build Upon The MySQL Upstream WebScaleSQL is a collaboration among engineers from several companies (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn) that face similar challenges in running MySQL at scale and seek greater performance from a database technology tailored to their needs. Wired has written about the effort too.
Facebook Engineering
MongoDB World Registration Now Open It’s in New York City across June 23-25 and promises to be the world’s biggest MongoDB event.
MongoDB World
PostgreSQL 9.4 - Looking Up With two big new features committed, Postgres 9.4 is shaping up to be an impressive release. A key new feature is the full integration of JSONB support which brings fast indexing to JSON encoded documents, as well as a fight to MongoDB's door.
Craig Kerstiens
From our supporter
3 Limitations Of DIY MongoDB On The Public Cloud As MongoDB continues to evolve and strengthen, the selection of the underlying cloud platform represents a critical decision for architects and developers. You can run it yourself on the public cloud (the do-it-yourself approach) and experience 3 major limitations or you can find a MongoDB cloud service. Read more about the concerns with DIY MongoDB on the cloud.
In-Memory Technologies Move Databases to Real Time Performance monitoring and analytics company New Relic is leaning heavily on in-memory databases to perform real time analysis for customers.
A (High Level) Guide to MongoDB for Startups
FoundationDB — Call Me Maybe: FoundationDB vs. Jepsen Jepsen is a tool that simulates network partitions, making it handy for testing fault tolerance issues in databases. The FoundationDB crew ran it against their own database to see what would happen.
Top 10 New Features in SQL Server 2014
Windows IT Pro
Don't Get Bitten by Mungos (or Mongos) [video] Slava Kim looks at MongoDB gotchas.
Cassandra Hits One Million Writes Per Second on Google Compute Engine
Google Cloud Platform Blog
Entropy in Riak How does Riak deal with the possibility of data being out of sync across a cluster? There are three stages: entropy detection, correction, and conflict resolution.
Basho Technologies
Learn About Lock Percentage: Concurrency in MongoDB
How to Aggregate Data From MongoDB with Node.js and Mongoose
Kevin Delemme
MariaDB Cookbook Has Been Published (by Packt)
Daniel Bartholomew
Deploying Oracle NoSQL Database On AWS in 10 Minutes [video]
Creating PostgreSQL Arrays Without A Quadratic Blowup
DBMSs and Tools
Microsoft Releases Updated Redis Releases for Windows Microsoft maintains Windows-friendly builds of the usually UNIX-dwelling Redis data structure server and Windows versions of Redis 2.8.4 and 2.6.14 are now available.
MS OpenTech
Couchbase Lite 1.0 Beta 3: A CouchDB-compatible Embedded Mobile Database
RethinkDB 1.12: Simplified map/reduce, ARM Port, New Caching Infrastructure RethinkDB is one of the newer, more interesting open-source distributed databases.
couchdb-tools: A Library of Handy Functions for Working with CouchDB Documents
Jed Richards
Percona Server 5.6.16-64.2 with TokuDB Engine Beta Is Now Available
MySQL Performance Blog
node-couchdb-model: A Simple CouchDB Abstraction for Node.js Built on top of nano, a minimalistic CouchDB driver for Node.
Andras Sevcsik
Postgres Database Administrator (San Antonio, TX) The Postgres Database Administrator at Rackspace, one of Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work for, is responsible for configuring, administering, and maintaining the Postgres database environments. Responsibilities include database upgrades, patching, security, troubleshooting and issue resolution, backup procedures, and performance tuning. In addition, DBA’s will provide support and direction to developers and other support personnel as needed. Daily responsibilities include monitoring production environment, providing acceptable system performance, and assuring data is protected and recoverable as required. Read more and apply here.
Senior Hadoop Developer (Austin, TX) We’re changing the way people think about Big Data and the Cloud.  We’re dedicated to building an open, highly-scalable, infrastructure on top of open source technologies like OpenStack, Linux, and Hadoop giving customers the ability to have a Big Data platform up and running in minutes, not days.

If you are seeking a position in software development where you can influence the future of Big Data and have experience in Hadoop, NoSQL, virtualization, or building high-performance hardware or software systems, we would like to talk to you about how you may fit on our team at Rackspace.
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