DB Weekly
Issue 20 — July 10, 2014
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Ben Lorica looks at the big picture for graph databases and the types of analysis that they enable, including things like route finding and logistics management.

A 43 minute talk by Tim Marston that takes a quick look at the history of databases, the emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’, and using Apache Cassandra to tie together the data coming from devices and an easily queried, back-end data store.

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Using DevOps tools can dramatically improve your software delivery pipeline. Join this webinar Thursday, July 17th at 1pm CDT featuring the Rackspace DevOps Automation Team and learn practical methods for improving application performance. Register here.


Ken Krupa takes an extensive look at the historic tradeoff involved with many NoSQL services, a lack of ACID transaction support. He then looks at how transactions have been making their way back into the discussion of NoSQL.

SQL Server Pro
Mainstream support for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 ended on July 8, 2014. Security updates continue till July 9, 2019, however.

Bruce Momijan
In a short slidedeck, PostgreSQL community co-founder Bruce Momjian makes the case that Postgres can tackle many of the areas for which you may be thinking you require a NoSQL solution.

Andrew Gewke (formerly a director of engineering at Scribd) looks at the concept of getting NoSQL levels of flexibility, but within the structural confines of a typical relational database. The talk is Ruby-oriented but the concepts can apply anywhere. Note: Audio is not great.


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