DB Weekly
Issue 21 — July 18, 2014
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Onur Akpolat
Over 100 links to data visualization tools, interesting papers, business intelligence software, embedded databases, MySQL forks, search servers, and much more.

Use The Index, Luke
When does a database use an index and when is it better not using it? Chris Saxon explains how databases determine the ‘cost’ of using indexes using an analogy with M&Ms.

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The Hadoop ecosystem is crammed full of software, much of which duplicates efforts, and much of which is named so similarly that it’s very confusing for newcomers. If you’re new to Hadoop, this guide is perfect to help you get familiar. Part 1 one covers the most common and core pieces of functionality.


This week Oracle has announced ‘Big Data SQL’ for Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle Database in an attempt to demystify the process of querying big data and instead use familiar relational approaches.

How do you figure out what part of your system is causing a bottleneck when using MongoDB? MongoDB offers a variety of tools for diagnosing such issues.

O'Reilly Radar
Ben Lorica looks at the big picture for graph databases and the types of analysis that they enable, including things like route finding and logistics management.

Brent Ozar
Brent is an SQL Server guru but these general tips would mostly apply across any database setup.


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