DB Weekly
Issue 22 — July 25, 2014
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Elegant Coding
A talk given at a Neo4J meetup which gave an overview of graph theory and its relationship to and applications within Neo4J.

Written in Go and supports Redis clients directly while also offering disk-based storage over the current memory limit.

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The Hadoop ecosystem is crammed full of software, much of which duplicates efforts, and much of which is named so similarly that it’s very confusing for newcomers. If you’re new to Hadoop, this guide is perfect to help you get familiar. This time around, we’ll get into more of the peripheral, optional components that might be useful to you.


A business oriented look at the DBaaS (database as a service) industry including figures from analysts that forecast the cloud and DBaaS market at over $14bn by 2019.

Introduces tunable memory settings, stream-based views, new features for ultra-high availability, deeper encryption options, and more.

James Simpson
A look at the practicalities of scaling a Node app across multiple instances that can be on multiple servers using Redis as a back-end messaging system. The techniques came out of actual work on a real MMORPG.

A comprehensive look at Windows Azure SQL Database, exploring its beginnings and the evolution of its features. Note: Reading other features on the site requires registration.


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