#205 — May 25, 2018

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MariaDB TX 3.0: An Oracle-Compatible 'Enterprise Open Source' Database — A major release from MariaDB, the company originally organized around a fork of MySQL. TX 3.0 brings an Oracle-compatible open source database to the enterprise, including temporal features. MariaDB’s goal is to offer an open source database existing Oracle/Microsoft/IBM customers can migrate to without giving up features. The Register has a nice write up too.

Shane Johnson (MariaDB)

PostgreSQL 11 Beta 1 Released — Introduces SQL stored procedures, JIT compilation for queries, and major improvements to partitioning and parallelism. For a bulleted list of the new features, see the draft release notes.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Get Optimised MongoDB Query Performance with Studio 3T — Read the latest article in our new tutorial series on MongoDB performance with a piece on the powerful Profiler, and also discover how the explain method can be an indispensable tool to improve queries and commands.

Studio 3T sponsor

First Release Candidate of MongoDB 4.0 Released — The first release candidate of MongoDB 4.0 is here for testing with the headline feature being support for multi-document ACID transactions, a huge step forward for the popular NoSQL database. P.S. We have a MongoDB newsletter if you’re interested :-)

Kelsey Schubert

An Introduction to Redis StreamsStreams are a powerful new data type coming to Redis in version 5 (first RC expected next week).

Redis Official Documentation

Understanding Deadlocks in MySQL and Postgres — A look at what deadlocks are, why they happen, and some suggestions on how to manage them.

Sebastian Insausti

Preparing Your Multi-Tenant App for Scale — Three key steps worth taking to ensure you won’t waste time when/if your database needs to scale.

Craig Kerstiens

MongoDB Celebrates Reaching 1,000 Employees


Free Webinar: Migrating to Galera Cluster for MySQL & MariaDB — Join us May 29 to learn how to turn your MySQL instances into a clustered HA solution.

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Simple Tips for PostgreSQL Query Optimization“How to speed up your database performance 100x” Well, some queries at least.

Pavel Tiunov

Mapping Oracle Datatypes to PostgreSQL — A table to help you map Oracle datatypes to Postgres ones.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Looking Under The Hood of Eventbrite's Data Pipeline

Ed Presz (Eventbrite)

Datasette, an Instant Web UI and JSON API for SQLite Data, Gains 'Facets' — Faceted navigation brings a lot of new ways to explore data through this fantastic tool.

Simon Willison

Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo

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mongo-monitor: A Simple CLI to Monitor a MongoDB Cluster

Dave Kerr

Mongotail: Log All MongoDB Queries in A 'tail'-able Way

Mariano Ruiz