#217 — August 17, 2018

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Database Weekly

SQLite 3.25 To Support Window Functions — It’s not released quite yet but this is an interesting step forward for SQLite. Here’s the full documentation. And if you’re not familiar with SQL’s window functions support, here’s an interactive quiz-based tutorial.


The Cost of a JOIN — A ‘join’ is the combination of two sets of data (i.e. columns from two tables) and a very frequently performed operation in SQL queries - but how expensive are they? This post takes a practical look at what affects their performance in PostgreSQL, and triggered quite a bit of discussion on Hacker News.

Brian Likes Postgres

Studio 3T Adds SQL Joins Wizardry To Its MongoDB IDE — Transfer your SQL skills to the new enterprise database, by reading: “How to Create MongoDB Joins Using SQL.”

Studio 3T sponsor

▶  MongoDB World 2018: The Breakout Sessions — MongoDB World 2018 drew MongoDB developers from all around the world but you can watch many of the sessions online now. Learn about things like sharded transactions, change streams, how ideas become MongoDB features, and more.

MongoDB, Inc.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service Now Supports Elasticsearch 5.6 & 6.3 — You can even use in-place version upgrades to upgrade your existing domains.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

On The Release of RedisGraph v1.0 Preview — RedisGraph is a graph database architecture implemented as a Redis module, using GraphBLAS sparse matrices for internal data representation and linear algebra for query execution.

Redis Labs

Selecting the Right Database for Your Microservices

Roshan Kumar

A Review of MongoDB Backup Options — A high-level overview of several available MongoDB backup tools and approaches.

Akash Kathiriya

How Walmart Built a Robust Analytics Platform on Spark, Kafka and Cassandra

Rishi Saraf (Walmart Labs)

How Microsoft Drives Exabyte Analytics on the World’s Largest YARN Cluster

Raghu Ramakrishnan (Microsoft)

Webinar: Building Modern Apps with the MERN Stack and Google Cloud Platform — Learn about the two dominant JavaScript stacks: MEAN and MERN and how to implement these web stacks on GCP.

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go-sqlite-lite: A New SQLite Driver for Golang — It supports SQLite’s online backup API and BLOB incremental IO.

Brian Vincent

QLBridge: A SQL Expression VM for Building Your Own Query Engines in Golang — A SQL execution engine for embedded use as a library for SQL or SQL-Like functionality.

Aaron Raddon