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— Peter Cooper, editor

#230 — November 16, 2018

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Database Weekly

Amazon DynamoDB Now Encrypts All Customer Data At Rest“DynamoDB has encrypted all existing tables that were previously unencrypted by using a default AWS owned customer master key.” Great to see a database provider being proactive with security in this way and it highlights one benefit of outsourcing storage to the cloud.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Elasticsearch 6.5.0 Released — The hugely popular search server and document database takes another step forward with a new ODBC driver for Windows, new query filters, improved audit logging, minimal snapshots (smaller snapshots that don’t include large generated indexes), and cross-cluster replication (paid customers only, alas).


See why Chef CTO loves strongDM — "strongDM is the kind of technology that makes you say: of course, that’s how this was supposed to work all along." - Adam Jacob, Co-Founder & CTO, Chef | 1-click access to any database or server in any environment with strongDM.

strongDM sponsor

MongoDB Mobile: Bring The Power of MongoDB to Devices — MongoDB Mobile brings the power of MongoDB and the document model to mobile devices. There’s also MongoDB Stitch Mobile Sync to help synchronize data between the backend and mobile devices that may have been offline or out of reach.


PipelineDB 1.0: High-Performance Time-Series Aggregation for PostgreSQL — PipelineDB is focused on aggregation and does not store granular data long term. As they put it themselves, “PipelineDB should be used for analytics use cases that only require summary data, like realtime reporting dashboards.”

Derek Nelson

Benchmarking RedisGraph 1.0, Now Generally Available — RedisGraph is a Redis module that adds graph database functionality to Redis, the popular data structure key/value store. Redis Labs boasts that it’s “six to 600 times faster than existing graph databases.”

Peter Cailliau (Redis Labs)

Best Practices for Migrating an Oracle Database to PostgreSQL on AWS — An Oracle to Postgres migration can be a complex process with different technologies and skills involved so Amazon has put together a three part blog series in case you need to do this with RDS or Aurora.

Amazon Web Services

Red Hat Adds Kafka Streaming to OpenShift — Red Hat is adding data streaming capability to its OpenShift container platform with the addition of a distribution based on Apache Kafka.


Meet TiDB: An Open Source NewSQL Database — TiDB speaks the MySQL language, but it’s better adapted for scaling with cloud-native architectures.

Morgan Tocker

Preventing SQL Injections in PostgreSQL — SQL injection occurs when an app allows user input (or any other unexpected data) to change the structure of an SQL query. Here are some ways to avoid that.

Dimitri Fontaine

A Look at 'Hybrid Histograms' in Oracle 18

David Fitzjarrell

Create SQL Joins in MongoDB? Now You Can, with Studio 3T — Read how you can fine-tune automatically-generated MongoDB queries for optimised performance.

Studio 3T sponsor

How to Create a Database Cluster in the Cloud with MongoDB Atlas

Ashraff Hathibelagal

Things We Wish We'd Known About Spark When We Started“Looking back over the year, there are dozens of “learning moments” that I would love to ship via wormhole to my former self.”

Krinsley, Wu, Melemed, Parker, and Zheng

Applying Deep Learning To Airbnb Search — An introduction to a paper that provides insights into how Airbnb has used AI to improve their search functionality.

Malay Haldar (Airbnb)

q: Run SQL directly on CSV files — Loads CSV into SQLite and lets you query with SQL.

Harel Ben-Attia

Titan: A Redis Protocol Compatible Distributed NoSQL Database — Very much ‘under development’. Uses the Redis protocol but is based on TiKV.

Meitu, Inc.

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