#236 — January 11, 2019

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Amazon Releases DocumentDB, a Document Database with MongoDB Compatibility — AWS has decided to compete with MongoDB’s own Atlas service by offering DocumentDB, a scalable, highly available, and fully managed document database service that supports MongoDB workloads. GeekWire reports on the background to the story.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

SQL is No Excuse to Avoid DevOps — Should the presence of database administrators restrict your ability to adopt modern devops practices? No, argues Thomas, who then suggests some solutions to any deadlock.

Thomas A. Limoncelli

How Quickly Can You Respond to an Insider Threat? — Revoke access to every database & server in less time than it takes to read this. Centrally manage access with your SSO and audit every query, SSH & RDP session. strongDM delivers complete control & instant answers. Click here to see a demo.

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PostgreSQL is DB-Engine's 'DBMS of the Year 2018' — DB-Engines is a popular ranking of database system popularity and they’ve given their annual “DBMS of the Year” accolade to Postgres for the second year in a row. MongoDB and Redis take the silver and bronze.

Paul Andlinger and Matthias Gelbmann

Dejavu 3.0: The 'Missing' Web UI for Elasticsearch — 3.0 adds an interesting new feature that lets you rapidly build and visually test search-related user interfaces.

Siddharth Kothari

LiteCLI: A Better Command-Line Client for SQLite — SQLite comes with its own command line client but it’s not super user friendly. This alternative, based on pgcli and mycli, offers niceties like auto completion and syntax highlighting.

Amjith Ramanujam et al.

Redis Enterprise Now Available for Intel Optane Persistent Memory — Either on supporting cloud services or for companies participating in Intel’s hardware beta program.

Redis Labs

Apache Cassandra Database Optimization Tips — Demonstrating that well designed data models can go beyond the existing 400MB recommendation without nodes crashing through heap pressure.

Mick Semb Wever

Fun with SQL: Self Joins — Self joins are a simple but occasionally handy notion within SQL allowing you to join a table to itself when some relationship is defined within a single row to another row within that table.

Craig Kerstiens

▶  How to Run Neo4j Across Cloud Platforms (or Just About Anywhere) — Neo4j is perhaps the leader in graph databases right now.

David Allen

Raising the Bar on Open Source Database Management in 2018 — Learn how Severalnines improved the management of MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB & PostgreSQL.

Severalnines sponsor

Comparing MongoDB Engines: MMAPV1 vs WiredTiger — Comparing the original MongoDB storage engine (that won’t be included from MongoDB 4.2 onward) and the newer engine introduced in MongoDB 3.2.

Vinodh Krishnaswamy

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Get a Job That Gets You — Make 2019 the year you get hired because of your data skills.