#248 — April 5, 2019

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Database Weekly

PDF: Database Software Market: The Long-Awaited Shake-Up — A white-paper produced by the research arm of an investment bank that attempts to review the world of databases and derive some conclusions as to where things are headed. They say DBaaS platforms are now ‘table stakes’, the death of relational DBs is ‘greatly exaggerated’, and transactional and analytical databases will continue to converge.

It’s hard to tell if this paper is meant to be publicly readable, but there’s a lot to enjoy here if you want to get up to speed with the market as it stands. There's a list of the top vendors and a handy glossary at the end too.

William Blair

How We Built a Cost-Based SQL Optimizer — An under the hood look at CockroachDB's new cost-based SQL optimizer, and the story of how they decided they really, really needed one.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

Amazon Celebrates a Migration Away from Oracle to AWS — This follows an uneasy period between the two tech giants. What’s Amazon using now? Aurora Postgres (MySQL would have been a bit odd, given Oracle owns it ;-)) and DynamoDB.

The Register

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of SQL — A post that reflects on the history of SQL in relational algebra and explains why SQL has been so successful. If anything, this is a significant post because it comes from Couchbase, a pioneer in the NoSQL space who are now leveraging SQL in various ways.

Keshav Murthy (Couchbase)

Intel Builds Database Use Cases for Optane — Intel shared some use cases for its Optane DC persistent memory technology during a company event this week, from scaling Hadoop clusters to speeding up SAP’s HANA database.

George Leopold (Datanami)

A 2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report — A multi-cloud DBaaS provider surveyed users at last month’s PostgresConf and shares the results here. AWS comes in as the most popular cloud platform to host Postgres on and cost is the biggest reason to choose Postgres.


Amazon DynamoDB Drops The Price of Global Tables — ..by eliminating associated charges for DynamoDB Streams.

Amazon Web Services

Free Webinar: Sell Your Boss on the Value of Database Automation — Join us April 23rd as we explore the real value of automation and how it can save your company time & money.

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Reviewing Sled: An Embedded Database Built in Rust

Ayende Rahien

How Walmart Uses Nvidia GPUs for Better Demand Forecasting

Alex Woodie (Datanami)

Top 10 Database Diagram Tools for MySQLNote: Presented in slide-deck form.

Rob Gravelle (Database Journal)

AmpliGraph: A Python Library for Representation Learning on Knowledge Graphs — A library that predicts links between concepts in a knowledge graph.


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