#253 — May 10, 2019

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Database Weekly

We Can Do Better Than SQL — Last month we featured EdgeDB, an interesting new database that aims to break the relational/document-oriented schism with its own enhanced flavor of SQL. Here, they look at the history of SQL, its strengths and weaknesses, why they feel their variant is a true evolution, and how we should all be seeking to improve on SQL.

Elvis Pranskevichus

eBook: The Most Important Events to Monitor in Your Postgres Logs — In this pganalyze eBook, we are looking at the Top 6 Postgres log events for monitoring query performance and preventing downtime.

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A Preview of Azure SQL Database Serverless — Last week we looked at how Microsoft is taking Azure SQL Database to the ‘edge’, now it’s going serverless too and is clearly aimed at bursty/intermittent usage given the billing approach.


How Azure Database Serverless approaches billing

Nokia Chairman Backs Machine Learning Startup Aiming to Make ML as Easy as SQL — On the face of it, Aito.ai’s fundraising is everyday news, the interesting part is their technology uses either SQL or Elasticsearch’s query format as its interface. SQL truly is going everywhere.



💻 Jobs

Find A DB Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📒 Tutorials and Opinions

How SoundCloud Can Reindex One Billion Documents in One Hour — SoundCloud are heavy users of Elasticsearch and here they tell the tale of the tweaks they made to be able to reindex their entire catalog in an hour.


SQL Inner and Outer Joins — A brief tour of SQL joins, focusing on the differences between inner and outer joins.

Eli Bendersky

Building with Patterns on MongoDB — The summary of a four month series of posts about different document-oriented database data modeling patterns. It’s by and about MongoDB but the principles covered will carry across to other document-oriented NoSQL systems.

Daniel Coupal and Ken W. Alger

Getting Up and Running with Aurora Serverless — If you want a fast, MySQL or Postgres compatible database on AWS, Aurora is a great choice, but if you want it on demand, Aurora Serverless takes it that one step further. This is a reasonable tour of the fundamentals.

Manish Pandit

Repeatable MongoDB Performance Tests: How CPU Options Are Best Disabled — A great post from the MongoDB Engineering Journal looking at recent efforts to improve the repeatability of MongoDB performance tests being run on EC2 instances. In short, there are a variety of CPU options that can make tests ‘noisier’, so turn them off if you want to do direct comparisons.

Henrik Ingo

🛠 Code and Tools

SQL Cards: A Set of Cards to Help You Learn or Teach SQL — The presentation on this is top notch. You get a PDF you can print out to make the cards for yourself.

Julien Bgn

MongoDB’s Official Brew Tap Now Open And Flowing — We now have our own official MongoDB Tap on Brew which makes it simpler than ever to install the latest MongoDB.

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pg_auto_failover: Automated Failover and High-availability in Postgrespg_auto_failover aims to provide simple, automated failover built on streaming replication, with no external dependencies.

Lukas Fittl (Microsoft)

sql.js: SQLite Compiled to JavaScript (and Webassembly) — Naturally experimental, 1.0 just dropped with Webassembly support and based upon the latest SQLite version (3.28.0). Want to play? Here’s a live demo.

Alon Zakai

rqlite 4.5.0: Using SQLite as a Distributed Database — A distributed relational database, which uses SQLite as its storage engine.