#255 — May 24, 2019

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Database Weekly

Cloudflare Unveils Workers KV, A Highly Distributed Database — Cloudflare has built a distributed, eventually consistent key-value store aimed at users of its Workers serverless platform.

Ashcon Partovi (Cloudflare)

ZetaSQL: An 'Analyzer Framework' for SQL — In layman’s terms, this is basically an SQL parser that other database systems (or SQL analysis tools) might use. Supply SQL, get back a predictable data structure you can work with, etc. These documents outline the SQL dialect it uses.


Test Drive First Class CI/CD Pipelines — GoCD helps solve your CI/CD challenges with our first class pipelines, visualizations, and more. Now with our new GoCD Test Drive, you can quickly understand GoCD’s concepts and benefits that help your path to production.

GoCD sponsor

PostgreSQL 12 Beta 1 Released — The draft release notes go into detail on what’s new. P.S. If you’re a Postgres user, check out our Postgres newsletter.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

VictoriaMetrics: A High Performance Time Series Database — Newly open sourced (under the Apache 2 license), VictoriaMetric supports PromQL, is happy ingesting historical data, and integrates well with Prometheus and Grafana. GitHub repo.

Aliaksandr Valialkin

SQL Server 2019 Community Technology Preview 3.0 — SQL Server 2019 is shaping up to be a big release with Linux users getting many more features, the ability to use Java code in SQL queries, improved Kubernetes support, improved graph SQL queries, plus a lot more. Ready to play? Downloads here.


Andreessen Pours $22M Into PlanetScale’s Database-as-a-Service


💻 Jobs

Senior Site Reliability Engineer - Invoca (Santa Barbara, CA or Remote) — Join our team of Operations Engineers deploying code to our production SaaS platform & public cloud infrastructure multiple times per day.


Find a DB Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📒 Tutorials and Stories

12+ Months with 'Big Redis' — Abe has been running a large Redis deployment for the past year and has some candid observations.

Abe Winter

Optimizing the Casts Away in PrestoPresto is a distributed SQL query engine for big data, and one of its developers gives a (very) technical explanation of some cast-related optimizations coming to it. One for über database geeks or implementers only!

Martin Traverso

Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL — Introduction post for Hyperscale (Citus), a new deployment option for Azure Database for PostgreSQL.


9 Tips for Faster SQL Server Applications — If you’re an SQL Server user, subscribing to Brent’s blog is a must.

Brent Ozar

An Overview of Sharding in PostgreSQL and How it Relates to MongoDB’s

Fernando Laudares Camargos

5 Reasons Why Apache Kafka Needs a Distributed SQL Database — Why a distributed event streaming platform could always do with a distributed SQL database.. and how YugaByte DB can help with this.

Sid Choudhury

🛠 Code and Tools

dbKoda: An Unofficial, Open Source IDE for MongoDB — Built around JavaScript and Electron, dbKoda includes a rich text editor for queries with auto-complete and syntax highlighting, a real time performance dashboard, data import and export utilities, and more.

Southbank Software

MongoDB Atlas Gains Ability to Load Sample Data for Easier LearningAtlas, MongoDB’s managed MongoDB database service, now includes a “Load Sample Data” feature to enable you to get up and playing with the service more quickly.


MitzaSQL: An Alternative Text-Based MySQL Client — This should particularly appeal to Vim fans.

Vlad Balmos

Sheetson: Quickly Turn Any Google Sheet Into a CRUD API

Ralph Ngo