#261 — July 5, 2019

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Database Weekly

DuckDB: A New, Embeddable SQL OLAP DBMS — Built in C++, DuckDB bills itself (see what I did there!) as ‘the SQLite for Analytics’. Under development for a while, the first official 0.1 release is now out and has bindings for C/C++, Python, and R. Official homepage.

CWI Database Architectures Group

One SQL to Rule Them All? — A review of an academic paper that outlines some ways that SQL could be extended to more robustly support modern streaming demands.

the morning paper

Tutorial: Chaos Engineering with DocumentDB — This tutorial covers running a simple network blackhole attack against Amazon's new MongoDB-compatible database, DocumentDB.

Gremlin sponsor

The Slow Climb of PostgreSQL and the Value of Persistence — Attendees at the recent PostgresVision conference heard from database pioneer Dr. Michael Stonebraker. He gave an account of how he helped bring Postgres into the world.

Joab Jackson (The New Stack)

db-to-sqlite 1.0: A CLI Tool for Exporting Tables or Queries From Any SQL Database to SQLite — From the creator of Datasette, a popular tool for turning data into a basic Web site and API.

Simon Willison

▶  Being a Better Developer with PostgreSQL's EXPLAIN — An interesting 40 minute talk that digs into the world of query parsing and planning and how to analyze query plans created with PostgreSQL’s EXPLAIN command.

Louise Grandjonc


💻 Jobs

Wanted: Curious Developers with ❤️ — Stagnating? Check C5 out: New projects, tech, and challenges perfectly paired with kind and brilliant people in SF, LA, NYC, CHA.

Carbon Five

Land a New Dev Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📒 Tutorials and Stories

Client Side Caching in Redis 6 — The creator of Redis explains how the next major version of Redis will support some rather advanced client-side caching, complete with server-directed cache invalidation.

Salvatore Sanfilippo

Aggressively Tuning Cosmos DB (The Long Way Round) — How many ways are there to tune Cosmos DB? “In our (eventually pretty desperate) attempts to coax it into scaling nicely, we tried 9 approaches..”

Tom Wright

Community Highlight: How Timbergrove Uses InfluxDB to Offer a Smart Workplace Kit

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Five Signs Your Cache-Based Database Architecture May Be Obsolete


36 'Cosmic Notes' on Azure Cosmos DB Concepts — If you’ve got any work to do with Azure’s multi-model database service, these sketched notes may come in handy.

Azure Cosmos DB

Porting Redis to WebAssembly with Clang/WASI — You will almost certainly never need to do this yourself, but I found it to be an interesting look behind the scenes. (If such things intrigue you, you might also like this SQLite compiled to WebAssembly demo.)

Mikhail Voronov

CDNs Should Work Like Databases — A new edge-computing startup makes an interesting argument for its approach.