#264 — July 26, 2019

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Database Weekly

Is SQL on DNA The Next Frontier for Databases? — An EU ‘Future and Emerging Technology’ initiative funds far out technology ideas, one of which is the idea of storing data within synthesized DNA. It’s still incredibly expensive to do but progress has been made and there are academic papers and demos ready to go. An area to keep an eye on.

George Anadiotis (ZDNet)

LinkedIn Open Sources Brooklin: Near Real-Time Data Streaming at Scale — Brooklin is a distributed service for working with streaming data at scale and has been heavily used by LinkedIn for the past few years. It’s built in Java and is now open source.

LinkedIn Engineering

Chef’s CTO on Managing DB Access with StrongDM — Adam Jacob says “strongDM takes the friction out of getting end users access to the systems they need.” Zero trust access to any database, server or k8 cluster. Click here to try for free.

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Expediting Data Fixes and Data Migrations at LinkedIn — Let’s say LinkedIn decides to enforce a limit of 1000 characters on users’ names.. that requires a ‘data fix’ over the existing database. Here’s how they think about and orchestrate such a job.

Kevin Fu

DB Fiddle: An SQL Database Playground — This isn’t exactly new but it’s a (very!) quiet week and I’ve found this tool useful several times when testing out little bits of SQL. It lets you run basic queries upon several versions of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, right from the browser.



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📒 Tutorials and Stories

Random Ordering of Results with SQL — An article that covers the use of ORDER BY to randomly sort rows in several database-specific ways.

Vlad Mihalcea

Standby in Production: Scaling at the Second Largest Classified Site in the WorldAvito is Russia’s largest classified ads site and stores 20TB of data across a hundred PostgreSQL nodes. Here’s a detailed look at their high availability setup.

Konstantin Evteev

Test Drive First Class CI/CD Pipelines — Use our new test drive to quickly see how GoCD helps solve your CI/CD challenges with our first class pipelines, visualizations, and more.

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Creating 'Similar Images' Recommendations using FastAi and Annoy — A Python-based image similarity search implementation based on feature vectors obtained from pre-trained CNNs.

Gautham Kumaran

Why Running Database Migrations on App Startup is a Bad Idea

Itamar Turner-Trauring

Implementing Constraint Exclusion for Faster Query Performance — A look at how Timescale (who create a time-series focused extension for PostgreSQL) leveraged the foundation of PostgreSQL and extended its capabilities to improve performance.

Sven Klemm

The Key Aspects of SQL Server Index Analysis and Optimization

Evgeniy Gribkov