#283 — December 6, 2019

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Database Weekly

▶  Andy Pavlo's Advanced Database Systems Lectures — There’s a lot to go through here and there’s an interesting sense of humor on display (the presenter gets 'maced' in the first video) but for the grand price of free, this is a goldmine of database knowledge.

Carnegie Mellon University

Amazon Launches a Managed Apache Cassandra Service (MCS) — Cassandra is a powerful system for working with large amounts of structured data but can be tricky to maintain and manage ops-wise at scale. Enter AWS. It’s serverless-style pay-as-you-go pricing too which is neat. It’s only in 5 regions for now, but can be trialed at a low scale under the ‘free tier’ for three months.

Amazon Web Services

The Easiest Way to Use MongoDB? It’s Studio 3T. Try It Today — Code translation in a click? Easy SQL to MongoDB Migration? We’ve got it - and more. Get your free 30-day trial today to see.

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Scylla's Take on AWS's New Managed Cassandra Service — ScyllaDB is a high-performance ‘drop in’ Cassandra alternative so it’s no surprise its authors have some opinions about AWS’s new Cassandra service (above) and its architecture.

Dor Laor and Peter Corless

MemSQL 7.0 Now Generally Available — MemSQL is a distributed, in-memory, SQL database management system written in C++. Version 7 really ups its real-time analytics game especially with time-series data.


rqlite 4.6.0: It's SQLite, But Distributed — Essentially a lightwight distributed relational database that uses SQLite behind the scenes. New features abound.

Philip O'Toole

AWS Announces 'UltraWarm' Storage for Amazon Elasticsearch Service — UltraWarm complements AES’s ‘hot’ tier to support high volumes of older, less-frequently accessed, data at a lower cost. Currently in preview in two regions only.

Steve Roberts (AWS)

💻 Jobs

DevOps Engineer at X-Team (Remote) — Work with the world's leading brands, from anywhere. Travel the world while being part of the most energizing community of developers.


Find a Job Through Vettery — Make a profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers. Vettery is completely free for job seekers.


📒 Everything else

Using Kafka to Throttle QPS on MySQL Shards in Bulk Write APIs — A thorough look at how Pinterest has a bulk write platform built on top of Kafka to manage load on core databases.

Qi Li (Pinterest Engineering)

Why a Game Company Chose a Distributed SQL Database Alongside MySQL — Yes, this is a TiDB case study, but it’s interesting to see why a company chose it over other MySQL-based and NewSQL storage solutions.


Ten Reasons to Migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL — We’re no doubt preaching to the converted here (!) but if you know someone considering the move, here’s some of the advantages of migrating from Oracle to Postgres.

Paul Namuag

Bringing Empathy for Users to Architectural Decisions

Gauge sponsor

Three Surprising Ways Archiving Data Can Save Serious Money — If you’re at the size where reducing your data usage reduces your building costs, I’m not sure how surprising these ideas will be 😂


datasette-atom: Define An Atom Feed using a Custom SQL QueryDatasette is a nifty tool for exploring and publishing data (it’s basically a front-end for SQLite datasets). This extension brings feed support.

Simon Willison