#290 — February 7, 2020

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Database Weekly

Neo4j 4.0 Released: The Popular Graph Database — Neo4j is perhaps the most mature open source graph database out there and 4.0 takes a big step in making Neo4j reactive and scalable, particularly in terms of supporting multiple databases within a cluster simultaneously.

Jim Webber (Neo4j)

Couchbase Cloud: It's Managed Couchbase as a Service — Couchbase, one of the earliest databases to be referred to as ‘NoSQL’ (but that has very little to do with CouchDB), has joined the long line of databases with an official, managed, cloud-based service with this week’s beta announcement of Couchbase Cloud.

Scott Anderson

AWS v. Azure v. GCP: The 2020 Cloud Report — AWS, Azure, and GCP were run through a gauntlet of 1,000+ microbenchmark experiments and TPC-C tests to determine which is the most performant, and affordable, cloud provider for transactional workloads.

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▶  The State of (Full) Text Search in PostgreSQL 12 — A fantastic 50 minute talk from FOSDEM covering the ins and outs of Postgres 12’s full text search capabilities. The audio is a little clippy here and there but there’s a lot of great stuff packed into this talk and the (very) detailed slides are here.

Jimmy Angelakos

Understanding NULL Values in SQL Queries — The concept of NULL values in SQL queries often causes trouble for developers and this post deftly explains their special status and how it can affect queries.

Kaley Crum

PostgreSQL 12 Now Generally Available on Heroku — Heroku is perhaps the world’s biggest Postgres deployment.


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Full Stack Engineer — Expensify seeks a self-driven individual passionate about making code effective, with an understanding of algorithms and design patterns.


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Whaddya Mean, 'Niche'? Neo4j's Chief Scientist Schools Us On Graph Databases — The always entertaining The Register briefly speaks to Neo4j’s Dr Jim Webber about how the new Neo4j is able to scale and “the inertia of developers who stick with SQL no matter what.”

The Register

Querying MySQL From SQL Server using 'Linked Servers' — Did you know you can link external data sources to SQL Server with Linked Servers?

Gunna Peipman

Data Migrations Don’t Have to Come with Downtime — Why Nextdoor re-architected their Redis set up to improve availability and resilience and how they kept things running during the move.

Sameer Suresh

Learn MongoDB for Free - with Studio 3T — Learn the MongoDB basics in just two hours. Register for the free MongoDB course today.

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A List of CLI Tools for Manipulating Structured Text Data — A list of around 80 tools for working with DSV/CSV, XML, HTML, JSON, YAML, INI and other formats.

Danyil Bohdan

SchemaSpy: Database Documentation Built Easy — An open source, Java-based tool that produces documentation like this from most JDBC compliant DBMS.


ODAT: An Oracle Database Attacking Tool — An open source penetration testing tool for testing Oracle database security.

Quentin Hardy

Redisson: A Redis Java Client with In-Memory Data Grid Features