#315 — July 31, 2020

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Database Weekly

A SQL Style Guide — We linked to this a couple of years ago but Bruce Momjian has reminded us of this handy SQL style guide to ensure legible and maintainable queries.

Simon Holywell

Some SQL Tricks of an Application DBA — A neat article with a variety of non-trivial tips for database development. If you ever touch SQL, you should find something useful here or at least enjoy the exploration.

Haki Benita

💻 Live Webinar: 5 Ways to Improve Postgres Insert PerformanceJoin us on Aug 19 to learn 5 simple, yet powerful, techniques to supercharge your PostgreSQL ingest performance. Live demos, pro tips for each tactic, and more.

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Migrating a 40TB SQL Server Database — A database administrator at Stack Overflow tells the tale of migrating over four years of traffic data (totalling almost 40TB) from one schema to another. This raises more questions than it answers (one being, why are they storing several years of traffic data in a live, relational database?) but it’s a neat writeup nonetheless.

Taryn Pratt

MongoDB 4.4 Released — The latest version of the perennially popular document oriented database is here. It’s not as big a release as 4.0 or 4.2 were, but improvements have been made to aggregations and querying (with new aggregation operators and expressions), connection monitoring and pooling, and new official drivers for Rust and Swift.

MongoDB Inc.

Amazon Fraud Detector Now Generally Available — A fully managed service on AWS for identifying potentially fraudulent online activities (think payments or fake accounts). It uses your data, machine learning and ‘more than 20 years of fraud detection expertise’.

Alejandra Quetzalli (AWS)

Persistent Memory Can Change the Way Enterprises Navigate Advanced Analytics — IDC’s predicts 175 zettabytes of data will exist in the world by 2025 and Intel’s Alper Ilkbahar thinks an increasing amount of it will be kept ‘hot’ closer to the CPU for rapid analysis and use.


Does Anyone Use Advanced Database Access Control Anymore? — An interesting thread on the Lobsters community site asking if anyone bothers using ‘advanced’ per-table/view or row ACLs rather than just a typical database-level username and password setup.


Elevate Your Database Performance with Datadog — Troubleshoot database performance issues rapidly by correlating metrics with related traces and logs. Try Datadog free.

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Basic Ideas for Scaling Relational SQL Databases

Petr Stříbný

MySQL Audit Logging with Triggers — Learn how to implement an audit logging mechanism using MySQL database triggers and store the old and new row states in JSON column types.

Vlad Mihalcea