#323 — September 25, 2020

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Database Weekly

Simple Anomaly Detection Using Plain SQL“Using some high school level statistics and a fair knowledge of SQL, I implemented a simple anomaly detection system that works.”

Haki Benita

PostgreSQL 13 Released — Just shy of a year after Postgres 12 was released, here’s 13 with significant performance and efficiency improvements for B-tree indexes and queries that use aggregates or partitioned tables, as well as parallelized vacuuming of indexes. The release notes provide the required laundry list of new and tweaked features.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Collect and Visualize Database Performance Metrics in Real Time — Easily identify slow-running queries, bottlenecks, and other database errors using granular analytics provided in Datadog. Correlate metrics with related traces and logs for fast troubleshooting. Try Datadog free today.

Datadog sponsor

Timescale on Building a Self-Sustaining Open-Source Business in the Cloud Era — There’s quite a lot to digest here, but the TLDR is that the creators of TimescaleDB (a time-series database built on top of Postgres) are redefining their open source license, offering their enterprise features to everyone for free, and basically loosening restrictions and providing expanded rights to users. This all takes place with the release of TimescaleDB 2.0, due in October.

Ajay Kulkarni and Mike Freedman (Timescale)

Cassandra Adoption Correlates with Experience — A usage survey has found that Apache Cassandra is predominantly used by companies that consider their operations to be ‘highly advanced’ but a skills gap remains (so if you’re looking for a good database job, Cassandra may well be worth learning..)


How to Calculate Your True Database Costs — It’s not all about the licensing costs of the software or the costs of the maintenance, there are numerous other costs to take into account with any database.

Charlotte Dillon (Cockroach Labs)

Streaming Data from Amazon S3 to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams with AWS DMS — A walk through the process of streaming existing data files and ongoing changes from S3 to Kinesis by way of Database Migration Service.

Goyal, Makineni, and Patnam

▶  Discussing RavenDB with Oren Eini — Oren Eini was the original creator of RavenDB, a distributed NoSQL database with multi-document ACID transactions that’s so lightweight it can run well on a Raspberry Pi. Worth listening to if you want to see what makes a database developer tick or how to approach the idea yourself.

Developer Weekly Podcast podcast

▶  Processing 55TB of Data Per Day with AWS Lambda — A case study video from AWS focusing on a customer doing data processing at scale on their AWS Lambda serverless platform. Sure, it’s a case study, but AWS always does a great job of putting them together with useful technical info.

Amazon Web Services

⭐ Get 20+ Tutorials and Datasets for Time-Series Scenarios — Explore 20+ tutorials, ranging from analyzing trends to DevOps & IoT monitoring, building awesome visualizations & more.

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How a Developer Bypassed Cloudflare's SQL Injection Filter — ..and got a t-shirt to boot.

George Skouroupathis

How to Safely Delete Records in Massive Tables on AWS using Laravel — Faced with a table of 1 billion rows, Freek needed to delete about 900 million of them – here’s how the problem was approached with PHP and Laravel.

Freek Van der Herten (Flare)

Why RudderStack Used Postgres Over Apache Kafka for a Streaming Engine — Kafka was a natural fit for what RudderStack, a data platform, does, but they found enough negatives about it to build their own queueing system on top of Postgres instead.


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Devops Engineer (Full time / Full Remote) — We're looking for a devops to join our fast-growing, well-funded company that makes thousand of African fashion designers happy.

Afrikrea Platform

⚙️ Code and Tools

Dbmate: A Lightweight, Framework-Agnostic Database Migration Tool — Written in Go but can be used alongside database-using apps written in any language. Supports MySQL, Postgres, SQLite and ClickHouse.

Adrian Macneil

A Battleships Game, Implemented with Postgres — See SQL taken to the next level with a working game running within Postgres, complete with a creative way of taking player input.


Crunchy Bridge: A Modern 'Postgres As A Service' — Crunchy Data is the latest company to get on the ‘Postgres as a managed service’ bandwagon with Crunchy Bridge which is available on AWS and Azure (and supports migration and replication between the two).

Craig Kerstiens