#343 — February 26, 2021

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Database Weekly

How Uber is Evolving Schemaless into a Distributed SQL Database — An update to a hugely popular set of blog posts from 2016 about how Uber built a ‘schemaless’ data store on top of MySQL. Their thinking has evolved somewhat since then. Uber is now working on ‘Docstore’, a multi-model database that can scale horizontally – it still uses MySQL under the hood, though.

Tariq, Chatterjee, and Chaudhary (Uber)

Read Consistency with Database Replicas at Shopify — When you’re as big as Shopify, of course you have a ‘Database Connection Management’ team, and here we get to see how they solve issues around lag caused by database replication.

Thomas Saunders (Shopify)

👋The What, Why, and How of Time-Series Databases — Time-series databases are the fastest growing database category – but what are they? Get a primer on what time-series data is - complete with real-world examples - when and why “normal” databases aren’t enough, and ways to get started.

Timescale sponsor

Six Common Mistakes for SQL Queries That 'Should Be Working' — I think I’ve been lucky that I haven’t gotten stuck with an SQL query for a prolonged amount of time, but if you have, maybe it’s on one of these tripping points?

Shanika Wickramasinghe

29 Bite-Sized DynamoDB Best Practices — Bite-sized best practices for DynamoDB modeling, security, performance and design. Almost a checklist, if you will.

Rafal Wilinski

Using Postgres to Do a Regex-Based Search Over 10,000 GitHub Repositories — Empirical measurements from experiments in using Postgres to index and search over 10,000 popular GitHub repositories using pg_trgm (trigram matching functions) on a 2019 MacBook Pro.

Stephen Gutekanst

Modernizing from PostgreSQL to Serverless with Fauna — It’s pays to note this series of blog posts is by Fauna so there’s natural bias here, but any “why you might move from X to Y” example interests me when it comes to data, and serverless data APIs do offer a lot of benefits for certain use cases. Seeing how they remodel the data is quite neat.

Brecht De Rooms (Fauna)

A Deep Dive Into Roam's Data StructureRoam is a note-taking tool I’ve seen popular amongst the ‘productivity’ folks on Twitter and a developer has dug into what sort of data model it uses.

Zsolt Viczián

An Amazon DocumentDB re:Invent 2020 Recap — Now at just over two years old, AWS’s MongoDB-a-like has certainly caused some drama in its lifetime, but continues to innovate and attract new users. These talks range from a deep dive and how to migrate to DocumentDB through to what new features have been added recently.

Amazon Web Services

Using Amazon RDS for SQL Server in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Aditya Samant (AWS)

🛠 Projects and Tools

EdgeDB 1.0 Beta 1 Unveiled — EdgeDB is a mildly stealthy database we’ve covered a few times in the past few years and which is very gradually approaching its 1.0 release. It’s built on top of Postgres and aims to offer the best parts of NoSQL but with a new set logic based query language aimed to address SQL’s shortcomings.

Łukasz Langa and Victor Petrovykh

pgBadger 11.5 Released: A Fast Postgres Log Analyzer — Get info about queries, running time, server info, and more. 11.5 adds support for anonymization of numeric values for sensitive use cases, as well as more info about session idle time. They’re a bit out of date, but here’s an example of the sort of report it can generate.

Gilles Darold

Discover the MongoDB Data Masking Tool in Studio 3T Enterprise — Enable data compliance and bolster security with powerful field-level data obfuscation. Try it today - free.

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Redigo: A Go Client for Redis — Supports all the Redis commands through a Print-like API and also offers connection pooling, helper functions for handling replies, and pipelining support.

Gary Burd

TimescaleDB 2.1 Released — A popular time-series oriented database on top of Postgres. 2.1 adds Postgres 13 support.


RxDB: A Realtime Database for JavaScript Applications — You can query the current state but also subscribe to state changes, making it useful for UI-based apps where you want live/real-time updates. It’s not new but continues to get frequent releases.


💻 Jobs

Workday - PostgreSQL Database Engineer / Administrator — We’re looking for an engineer to join our growing SaaS company to help revamp our persistence architecture, ensure 24/7 ops, and help us build for the future.