#348 — April 2, 2021

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Database Weekly

Supercharging a Knowledge Graph with Amazon Neptune, Comprehend, and Lex — A good example of how various Amazon services can lean upon each other. The goal here is to build a knowledge graph application for handling both unstructured and semi-structured data that makes it easy for users to consume. Neptune provides the graph, Comprehend provides structure, and Lex provides a chat style interface for answering natural language questions about the data.

Dave Bechberger (AWS)

⭐️  Building a Fast Web Analytics System on Multiple DatastoresFathom is one of a number of new privacy focused ‘well, at least it’s not Google’ Web analytics systems becoming more popular lately. This post goes into fantastic detail about how they had to scale quickly, their database history, and how they’ve ended up storing all their analytics data on the ‘database of their dreams’ – there’s so much to enjoy and learn from here that it’s a must read IMHO.

Jack Ellis (Fathom Analytics)

How to Model JSON to Get the Most Out of Your Document Database — Thinking about using a document database for your next project? The flexible data model is a major plus, but having so many options can be intimidating at first. This free virtual event will help you make all the right choices. Register here.

Couchbase sponsor

How the Postgres Optimizer Works to Speed Up Queries — In Postgres you can use use EXPLAIN to see what Postgres’s execution planner’s decisions are, but this post goes into depth on the sort of optimizations that take place behind the scenes.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Building a Full-Text Search Engine in 150 Lines of Python Code — I really enjoyed this. It’s nothing super advanced, but a basic principle quickly implemented.

Bart de Goede

Quick Bits

Using AWS Lambda Functions with Amazon Neptune — Amazon Neptune is AWS’s graph database service and use cases as diverse as knowledge graphs, identity graphs, and fraud graphs can benefit from using AWS Lambda functions to query Neptune graphs.

Ian Robinson (AWS)

How to Model One-to-Many Relationships with AppSync and DynamoDB

Yan Cui

▶  How to Choose the Right Database for Your Application — Watch a short video about the different types of databases and how to decide which one best fits the needs of your application.

Linode sponsor

Monstache: Sync MongoDB to Elasticsearch in Realtime — A sync daemon (written in Go) that continuously indexes MongoDB collections into Elasticsearch.

Monstache Team

Teleport 6.0: Database Access Made Easy? — Teleport is an open source, identity-aware, access proxy and its latest version has added support for accessing Postgres and MySQL.

Saiyam Pathak

Kafka Without ZooKeeper: A Sneak Peek at the Simplest Kafka Yet

Ben Stopford and Ismael Juma (Confluent)

Databunker: Secure Storage for Personal Records Built to Comply with GDPR — If you’re handing PII, something like Databunker might make it a bit easier.


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