DB Weekly
Issue 35 — October 24, 2014
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YAPC::Europe 2014
Find terms like ‘transitive dependencies’ and ‘Boyce-Codd normal form’ intimidating? Curtis Poe covers the essentials of creating a DBA-approved database in a refreshing and approachable way.

eBay has open sourced a database technology called Kylin that takes advantage of distributed processing and the HBase data store to return faster results for SQL queries over Hadoop data.

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In the world of Big Data, bare metal is king. With Big Data OnMetal you can take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud and the performance of bare metal - the best of both worlds. Read the 3 reasons why this is a game changer for your Hadoop environment.


Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant’ survey of the operational database management systems market found a clear gap between its leaders and niche players. Only MongoDB was cited as a ‘challenger’ at this stage.

FoundationDB’s Sytze Harkema looks at some of the practicalities of mapping SQL data to a key-value store.

Sometimes basic searching on a single column is fine, but often you need something more powerful. Fortunately Postgres’ full text search can help, and here’s a great talk which digs in to it.

Larry Ellison has announced the general availability of Oracle’s ‘Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance’, an appliance that can protect thousands of databases through continuous real-time backup from system memory.


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