DB Weekly
Issue 36 — October 31, 2014
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SlamData lets analysts easily run SQL queries and build reports directly on data stored in MongoDB, no data relocation required, and it’s open source too.

With osquery, you can use SQL to query low-level operating system information. Under the hood, instead of querying static tables, these queries dynamically execute high-performance native code. The results of the SQL query are transparently returned to you quickly and easily.

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In the world of Big Data, bare metal is king. Combining the best of both worlds, now you can take advantage of both the flexibility of the cloud and the performance of bare metal. Read the 3 reasons why this is a game changer for your Hadoop environment.


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Postgres is continuing to pick up steam in mainstream media and for good reason, here’s yet another look on why the long reliable database is growing in popularity.

A look at some of the problems with big data, samplings, and ‘instrumenting’, from Dr. Dmitri Williams, CEO of Ninja Metrics.

Specifically, the Apache Derby-based Splice Machine and the EXASolution analytic database.

Researchers at Cal Berkeley recently asked dozens of data scientists and industry leaders to try and define what ‘big data’ is.


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