#​350 — April 16, 2021

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Database Weekly

Introducing OpenSearch: AWS's Fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana — Back in January, Elastic announced a contentious licensing change to its Elasticsearch and Kibana projects, and Amazon decided to fork them into its own ‘community driven’ project, now called OpenSearch.

Amazon Web Services

AQUA (Advanced Query Accelerator): A Speed Boost for Amazon Redshift Queries — When Jeff Barr writes a launch post for AWS, you know it’s going to be something good (he launched S3 after all). This isn’t as fun as S3 but if you’re using their Redshift data warehouse system this is an accelerator that can boost query performance by up to 10x at no extra cost.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

Identify Slow-Running Queries Quickly Using Datadog — Improve database performance in real-time by visualizing and identifying errors using customizable, OOTB dashboards in Datadog. Reduce MTTR leading to lower operating costs and better collaboration among teams. Try Datadog free.

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Quick Bits

End-to-End Serverless ETL Orchestration with AWS — Building your first end to end data orchestration and data pipeline could be overwhelming. Here’s one potential approach.

Rittika Jindal

💰 Analyzing Cryptocurrency Trends: Step-by-Step Tutorial — Learn how to explore crypto prices over time, complete with a sample dataset & 5 queries to jumpstart your analysis.

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Getting Started with QGIS, Postgres and PostGIS — A quick introduction to setting up PostGIS and QGIS, a desktop app for viewing, editing and analyzing geospatial data, to view OpenStreetMap data.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Lessons Learned From Five Years of Scaling PostgreSQL

Joe Wilm


Workday - PostgreSQL Database Engineer / Administrator — We’re looking for an engineer to help us build for the future, revamp our persistence architecture, and ensure our systems are operating flawlessly 24/7. We’re one of the largest SaaS companies globally growing rapidly in Europe.

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🔧 Code & Tools

Apache AGE 0.4: A Graph Extension for Postgres — An extension that provides graph database functionality to Postgres and was inspired by AgensGraph. The latest release (0.4.0) adds a variety of small syntax level features. GitHub repo.

Apache Foundation

SQLRite: An SQLite Clone From Scratch in Rust — I’ve seen a few projects trying to bring SQLite under the wing of Rust’s safety but this is an attempt at a clone asking “What would SQLite look like if written in Rust?” It’s a brave effort but SQLite’s head start certainly makes it a challenge to catch up.

João Henrique Machado Silva

PostgreSQLite: Use PostgreSQL 'Like SQLite' — A neat little idea that’s orchestrated by a straightforward 30 line shell script. Docker does most of the heavy lifting, though.

Felix Dietze

CloudBeaver: A Cloud-Based Database Manager — A tool available in both commercial and community (Apache 2.0 licensed) for working with data, diagramming schemas, building SQL queries, etc. AWS integration is one of their big selling points.


SQLPad 6.6: A Web-Based SQL Editor to Run In Your Private Cloud — If you want something more broadly open source than the above. SQLPad also supports a vast array of systems from standard RDBMS to things like BigQuery, Cassandra, and Apache Pinot.

Rick Bergfalk

Vald: Highly Scalable Distributed Vector Search Engine

Vald Team

kubesql: An Experimental Tool to Query the Kubernetes API with SQL

Furkan Türkal