#​352 — April 30, 2021

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Database Weekly

Logica: Making Data Queries 'Universally Reusable and Fun' — Google has presented Logica, a new (and open source) logic programming language that compiles down into SQL. The idea is to bring more formal logic based approaches to normal SQL databases. There’s a tutorial to follow if you want to get the overall idea.


How Litestream Eliminated My Database Server for $0.03/monthLitestream replicates data from a local (to your app) SQLite database to an S3-compatible set of SQLite snapshots. In effect, this removes the need for backups and data migrations. Oh, and it runs in its own process.

Michael Lynch

Accelerate Database Performance Globally — Distributed just like a CDN, PolyScale intelligently distributes and caches MySQL and PostgreSQL data to the edge. Implement in minutes without writing code or deploying servers.

PolyScale sponsor

Getting Into Y Combinator with a Fork of RedisKeyDB is a multi-threaded high(er)-performance fork of Redis and in this interview, the CEO of the eventual KeyDB company explains how it all began, his work setup, and more.


7 Years of Open-Source Database Development: Lessons Learned — The developer of rqlite, a Go-powered, distributed SQLite-backed database system, has some high level reflections on what it’s like to work on such a project.

Philip O'Toole

What is Amazon Athena? An Introduction and Walkthrough — Athena is AWS’s serverless querying service for, essentially, running SQL queries over data stored in S3.

Alex Chan

Using a Disk-Based Redis Clone to Reduce an AWS S3 Bill — They cached S3 using SSDB on their own servers.

Alan Hamlett (WakaTime)

Using Amazon ElastiCache for Redis as a Near-Real-Time Feature Store — An overview of a setup where SageMaker results are stored in S3 with ElastiCache and Lambda functions providing a higher speed experience for end users.

Kalhan Vundela (AWS)

Using ON versus WHERE to Combine and Filter Data on Joins

Jacek Trociński

🔧 Code & Tools

Vitess 10: Clustering System for Horizontally Scaling MySQL — It’s only been 3 months since version 9 was announced, but things continue to improve for this MySQL scaling approach. v10 includes numerous performance optimizations and an experimental multi-cluster admin API and web UI.

Vitess Team

nbterm: Jupyter Notebooks in the Terminal — Jupyter notebooks are mostly known for being presented via Web-based interfaces, but this project opens up some neat opportunities at the terminal.

David Brochart

Fauna - All the Goodness of Postgres, Without Operational Bottlenecks — Fauna combines the safety of Postgres with schema flexibility, modern capabilities and limitless scale. Learn more...

Fauna sponsor

Datanymizer: A Database Anonymizer with Flexible Rules — Written in Rust, this tool offers in-flight template-driven data anonymization for Postgres (only, for now - MySQL support is on the way). GitHub repo.


tfquery: Run SQL Queries on Terraform Infrastructure — Lets you “ask questions that are hard to answer”.

Mazin Ahmed


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