#​354 — May 14, 2021

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Database Weekly

A Peek at the Future of Data Management, Courtesy of Gartner — I wouldn’t normally lead with a research related item, but it’s been a quiet week! :-) Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see what Gartner is thinking about data and machine learning and “AI-powered data management automation” are top of the list – these are ideas that spread beyond databases and into all areas of data management generally.

Alex Woodie

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Using PostgreSQL as a Data Warehouse — Postgres isn’t usually the first ‘go to’ for creating a data warehouse but with some tweaking and best practices it can work pretty well at certain scales if you don’t want to move data into something like Snowflake or BigQuery.

Cedric Dussud

RonDB: A Fast, Low Latency MySQL-Based Key-Value Store — RonDB is a variant of MySQL NDB Cluster and available to run yourself or in a managed cloud form via Hopsworks. Here’s more on why you might use it. Or the GitHub repo.

Logical Clocks AB

In Brief:

▶  Talking DynamoDB with Alex DeBrie — A fantastic opportunity to hear an interview with one of the leading experts in all things DynamoDB.

Real World Serverless Podcast podcast

Good Data Scientist, Bad Data Scientist — Succinct thoughts on what qualities or faults make a good or bad data scientist.

Ian Whitestone

Accelerate Database Performance Globally — Distributed just like a CDN, PolyScale intelligently distributes and caches MySQL and PostgreSQL data to the edge.

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The End of “Your Database”? (For Developers, At Least..)“Today, I’m struck by how little developers need to think about the database at all.” An opinion piece by Netlify’s CEO, clearly focusing on the developer perspective to databases.

Matt Biilmann (SD Times)

How to Send Changes from DocumentDB to Amazon MSK via AWS Lambda — If you’re using Amazon’s MongoDB-esque DocumentDB and want to monitor changes and send them through to Amazon’s Kafka service (MSK), a Lambda function can do the trick.

Murat Balkan (AWS)

Django SQL Dashboard: A Database Dashboard for Django — The creator of the always useful Datasette data exploration tool has brought a lot of Datasette into the Django world with this system.

Simon Willison

Scheduling Google Cloud SQL Exports using Cloud Functions and Cloud Scheduler
Google Cloud Blog


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Code and Tool Updates:

  • QuestDB 6.0 – Open source database for time series, events, and analytical workloads. Now with out of order record ingestion and ARM64/Apple Silicon support.

  • EliasDB 1.2.0 – A graph database written in Go. We first linked to this 5 years ago but the project is going strong. You get a GraphQL interface or a REST API and data is stored within a indexed key-value store.

  • PGSync 2.0 – Middleware for syncing Postgres to Elasticsearch so you can expose denormalized documents in Elasticsearch for querying.

  • usql 0.9.1 – Universal command-line interface for SQL databases.

  • DuckDB 0.2.6 Preview – In-process SQL OLAP database. Think SQLite for analytics. This release introduces a backwards-incompatible change to the on-disk storage format.