DB Weekly
Issue 38 — November 14, 2014
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Aurora is a new database Amazon has been working on for three years. It promises to be highly available, and is self healing out of the box, as well as ‘fully MySQL compatible’.

Pat Shaughnessy
Continuing with his series of looking under the covers of what happens when you execute a query in Postgres, Pat Shaughnessy digs into what indexes are and how they work in Postgres. An awesome read if you want to learn more about what happens when you SELECT.

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MongoDB 2.8 is currently in development. New developments include support for collection-level locking, a new optional storage engine called WiredTiger that supports document-level locking, and more.

Jeeyoung Kim
An engineer at Square looks at the art of comparing and evaluating different databases, how to understand and fully use your database, and understanding how databases work at a high level.

Josh Berkus
Today there are several industry standard benchmarks for databases, the problem is they don’t represent what most web applications do. Here are some thoughts and high level proposal for resolving the issue.


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