DB Weekly
Issue 39 — November 21, 2014
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Cubert is a fast and efficient batch computation engine for complex analysis and reporting of massive datasets on Hadoop.

Michael Hunger
Data and software engineers are increasingly seeing graphs as an ideal data model for today’s connected world, and Michael Hunger shares his own tale of how it all came together to inspire you too.

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While configuration, development and deployment are relatively straightforward, scaling NoSQL technologies, like MongoDB can be anything but. In fact, many users report significant pain at the critical stages where they need to scale. Read more about DIY MongoDB vs. MongoDB on ObjectRocket.


Splice Machine update offers cross-integration with Hadoop apps and supports migration paths from other databases.

Lovefield is a JavaScript library providing an SQL-like query engine to web developers who want the benefits of a relational database.

MongoDB Blog
The first release candidate of MongoDB 2.8 is out, headlined by improved concurrency (including document-level locking), compression, and pluggable storage engines.

Radius Intelligence
Radius migrated their core infrastructure from Hadoop to Spark and this presentation covers what was learnt.



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