DB Weekly
Issue 40 — November 28, 2014
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Pieter Cailliau
At GraphConnect 2014, Pieter Cailliau, a developer at GPS device company TomTom, gave a talk about how road networks are represented in graph databases and how these can be used to produce useful routes.

Twitter, Inc.
A fast and lightweight proxy for the memcached and Redis protocols built primarily to reduce the connection count on backend caching servers.

Rackspace   Sponsored
There are essentially two performance metrics you are primarily concerned with when using Redis: how many commands per second can I execute and how long do they take. Read more about avoiding Redis performance slowdowns.


Buzz Moschetti
The first in a series of posts where the differences between building a SQL-backed app vs a MongoDB-backed app will be analyzed. Note the potential bias, however.

SQL makes basic sum, averages, and other mathematical operations easy, but certain ones like medians or 95/99th percentiles can be tougher. Here’s a great post showing the tools available to help get medians and others.

Li and Lee
A paper looking at record breaking data sorting, up to 3.7TB per minute across 400 nodes.

Craig Shoemaker
IndexedDB is an in-browser document database supported by most recent browsers (but polyfills are available). This article presents an extensive introduction.

Have instances of both Postgres and MySQL and want to connect data between both? Here’s a tool to help with that.


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