DB Weekly
Issue 41 — December 5, 2014
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Apache Foundation
Apache Drill is an open source, low latency SQL query engine for Hadoop and NoSQL, built from the ground up to provide low latency queries natively on rapidly evolving multi-structured datasets at scale.

Read Write
“Data generated from an exponentially growing number of diverse sensors, devices, applications, and things will be accompanied by a growing diversity in the structure and scale of that data.”

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Millions of developers have turned to MongoDB thanks to the agility and flexibility it offers. After the honeymoon with MongoDB, however, developers quickly realize that it’s difficult to dedicate the time and expertise needed to maintain database performance as application workloads scale. Learn how to solve these issues.


The University of Louvain
An interesting approach to an alternative syntax for SQL.

Matthias Gelbmann
An interesting trends I’ve been seeing myself through my work on JavaScript Weekly. JavaScript lets developers take database concepts right to the front end of the Web.

Sebastian Ruml
The goal is to provide a simple and intuitive browser for SQLite databases. It provides basic functions to browse SQLite databases and tables. Built in Go and inspired by pgweb and sqlite-browser.


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