DB Weekly
Issue 42 — December 12, 2014
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Yahoo Engineering
MDBM is a member of the DBM family of databases (originally created in 1979) that Yahoo has now open sourced. If a simple, high performance (even compared to Google’s LevelDB) key value store appeals to you, it’s worth a look.

Dave Rosenthal
One of FoundationDB’s co-founders looks at performance goals with databases and how their own latest architecture has allowed them to hit 14.4 million random writes per second across 30 EC2 instances.

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There's an elephant in the room when it comes to Big Data. Apache Spark and Hadoop offer the promise to transform how businesses leverage Big Data, finding the right mix of flexible deployments, elastic scalability, and performance can be daunting. Learn more on deploying Apache Spark and Hadoop.


Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold says that NoSQL database deployments could be ‘entering a new phase’ in 2015 with far bigger deals being struck. As Couchbase has taken $115m in funding so far, he has every reason to be optimistic.

Pavel Abalihin
YAWNDB (YAWN acronym means Yet Another iNvented Wheel) is an in-memory circular array database written in Erlang. All the data is represented as triplets composed of a time, value and key.

Vaughn Vernon
An interesting thought piece that talks about what Postgres 9.4, and in particular JSONB, enables around a fundamentally new type of datastore working with both JSON, the relational DB, and aggregates.


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