DB Weekly
Issue 45 — January 23, 2015
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the morning paper
A high level summary of an academic paper that presents an architectual discussion of DBMS design principles, process models, architecture, storage systems, and more.

LinkedIn Engineering
Espresso is LinkedIn’s online, distributed, fault-tolerant NoSQL database that currently powers approximately 30 LinkedIn applications.

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So you managed to survive the first post and are still hungering for more? This time around, we’ll get into more of the peripheral, optional components that might be useful to you when it comes to Hadoop.


Indexes in SQL database can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Set them up correctly, and your data will be queryable with maximum efficiency; set them poorly, and both queries and writes will be increasingly slow and deadlock prone.

Giovanni Collazo
Just download, drag to the applications folder, and double-click to get MongoDB running on OS X.

With Neo4j GraphGists you can describe and model your domain in a simple text file and render it as a rich, interactive page in any browser. A GraphGist is just a simple AsciiDoc text file, and can be hosted in a GitHub Gist or any other place with an accessible URL.

SheetKit is client-side JavaScript that does back-end work, using Google's spreadsheet app as a database of sorts.

SlamData is an open source application intelligence engine for Mongo that uses SQL.


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