DB Weekly
Issue 46 — January 30, 2015
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Dmitry Simonenko
Boasts full ACID compliance and is designed for fast write (append-only) and read (range query-optimized, adaptive architecture) small to medium-sized key-values.

Quick high level summaries of steps forward in areas like Hadoop, Spark, data science, NoSQL, and machine learning.

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As all of us in the Sitecore community are aware, one of the major changes in Sitecore 7.5 and 8 is MongoDB, the new architectural component in Sitecore’s xDB. If you are starting to work with these newer versions of Sitecore, you will be asked by your clients about the options to consider when deploying and supporting MongoDB. There are however a few tricks to get it configured.

Mart's Sitecore Art

Hacker News
An interesting discussion and set of answers over at Hacker News. The question is asked from the perspective of someone looking to find ways into working with big data themselves.


The 2.8 branch is becoming 3.0 in a reflection of MongoDB entering a new phase: being ‘the go-to database for modern application development.’

Salvatore Sanfilippo
Redis’ speed is one of its selling points, but the creator of Redis demonstrates how benchmarks can be misleading and why it’s almost impossible to compare different systems fairly.

“Microsoft cloud-database service nears parity with on-premises Microsoft SQL Server with support for larger databases and in-memory performance.”


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