DB Weekly
Issue 47 — February 13, 2015
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“In prior releases, [scaling] required a level of expertise that not everyone has. With MongoDB 3.0 it’s a lot easier to scale your system.”

Lukas Eder
Lukas always has good stuff to share but this time it’s other people’s articles he considers ‘must reads’ if you’re into SQL.

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RedisConf 2015

Markus Winand
SQL gets a lot of flack for not being new and updated and, well, fun. But the truth is it’s come a long way from what it was decades ago. Here’s a great deck which highlights some of the new and awesome things in the SQL standard.

Eliot Horowitz
MongoDB 3.0 has been announced, with the ‘3’ representing a new phase in Mongo’s lifeline. New features include document-level concurrency control and transparent on-disk compression.

The 5: in-memory computing, the resurgence of SQL, online scaling, Apache Spark, and up-to-the-moment analytics.

Information Age
When it comes to hosting your own data, security and operations procedures are of paramount importance.


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