DB Weekly
Issue 48 — February 20, 2015
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An interview with Jim Starkey, database legend and inventor of both the ‘BLOB’ data type and triggers, taking a look at the history of BLOB and also how it relates to modern NoSQL (and what he doesn’t like about NoSQL).

“Gun is a persisted distributed cache, part of a NoDB movement. [..] Think of it as ‘Dropbox for Databases’.” The discussion on Hacker News is also interesting.

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Even with these open source SQL alternatives becoming increasingly common, many enterprises still trust their mission critical database operation to Microsoft SQL Server. Recently, Microsoft released its latest iteration of the technology, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, with notable advancements in performance including in-memory functionality and added security with high availability. Learn More.


Mahmoud Al-Qudsi
A look at some hashing-based approaches to not using databases in situations where they might otherwise be used.

Eric Redmond explains the differences and commonalities amongst many kinds of databases and takes a stab at the marketing term ‘NoSQL.’ A 50 minute talk.

Paul A Jungwirth
“Lateral joins can be incredibly useful when you need them, but it’s hard to grok their ‘shape’ without a concrete example.”

Graham Jenson
A quick tutorial on how to set up Postgres, Elasticsearch, and Redis as Docker containers using Boot2Docker on Mac OS X.

Dwain Camps
Even if you’re not using SQL Server 2012, it’s interesting to see how to model the calculation of bowling scores in SQL.


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