DB Weekly
Issue 49 — February 27, 2015
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eBay Tech Blog
Pulsar is an open-source, real-time analytics platform and stream processing framework from eBay. It uses a SQL-like event processing language and can be integrated with metrics stores like Cassandra and Druid.

Jeffrey Edison
Database design is the process of producing a detailed model of a database. Jeffrey Edison, CTO at NoSide, presents a five step process of refining what that model should be.

Rob Conery
A provoking opinion piece. “Stored Procedures are not inherently bad – you’ve been told this because someone thinks you’re not capable of thinking for yourself.”

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In a world where new database technology is being created with every iteration cycle, it is important to understand whether you are using the right tool for the job. When it comes to database technologies, each one has its own benefits and downfalls. In this presentation, we discuss a variety of database platforms and as-a-service offerings and help break down which database solution might be the best to accomplish your goals. Learn More.


Christian Haudum
Crate is a distributed database designed to work seamlessly in containerized environments. Due to its shared-nothing architecture it’s a perfect fit as a persistence layer for clustered applications.

Based on how popular Spark was at the recent Strata + Hadoop World conference.

Making SQLite distributed is an interesting though perhaps rather unique challenge.

Ozgun Erdogan
Many try to create distributed databases, often due to the need to scale. There’s plenty to be learned from others who’ve tackled this before, and this article provides some guidance.

Rob Conery
SQL is powerful, especially so in Postgres. If you rely on your ORM a little too much, here are some great examples showing off when you should take a deeper look at how simply some things can be done with regular SQL in Postgres.


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