DB Weekly
Issue 58 — May 15, 2015
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Martin Kleppmann
Sometimes database architectures are described as ‘CP’ (consistent but not available under network partitions) or ‘AP’ (available but not consistent under network partitions) - Martin Kleppmann presents a compelling argument for why such terminology doesn’t help us a lot.

Cloud Bigtable is a new Bigtable-based data storage system with Apache HBase API compatibility. Bigtable powers services like Gmail and Google Search itself, so it makes for an interesting offering.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy has unveiled a complete introductory SQL course complete with an interactive, in-browser editor and testing environment.

ObjectRocket   Sponsored
Redis has come a long way from being a small personal project from Antirez, to being an industry standard for in memory data storage. With that comes a set of best practices that most people can agree upon for using Redis properly. Check out 10 quick tips on using Redis correctly.


Glenn Paulley
In How SQL GROUP BY Should Have Been Designed, Lukas Eder suggests an alternative approach for GROUP BY’s implementation, but Glenn doesn’t think it’s necessary.

Bigcommerce Engineering
When a Redis instance blocked on writing to disk and hung, David Basden got serious with the GNU Debugger.

Matthew Byrne
A comparison of the two relational databases from the point of view of a data analyst.

Derek Sivers
A provoking and clearly thought out piece around the idea of moving much more code and logic directly into your database (something many DBAs will be nodding their heads about).

As Redis has become more popular, more Heroku users are leaning on external services like RedisGreen to get Redis support in their apps. Heroku are now trialling hosting it in-house, as they already do with Postgres.


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