DB Weekly
Issue 59 — May 22, 2015
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MemSQL is a real-time database for transactions and analytics and it’s now open to everyone in the form of a free ‘community edition’ release.

The Daily WTF
A 4986 character SQL query with surprisingly little duplication. If you fancy trying to work out what a query is doing in your lunch hour, start here.

NoSQL continues to have an impact outside of its niche with Microsoft rolling JSON support into SQL Server. Jovan Popovic shows off how it’ll work.

Watch as Tinder CTO, Ryan Ogle, as he gives you an inside look into their IT strategy and the real-world solutions that are helping them scale their business, manage big data, and navigate digital trends. View Now.


Raymond Li
Covers C4.5, k-means, SVM, PageRank, Bayes and others. If you want simple, straightforward explanations, check it out.

Yahoo Inc.
MySQL Performance Analyzer is an open source, Java-based project for MySQL performance monitoring and analysis.

Peter Geoghegan
Why is Postgres pursuing a non-standard variant of UPSERT rather than SQL’s MERGE? A developer explains why: they’re quite different things.

Hacker News
Some discussion around the implications of a recent tweet by Gary Bernhardt leaning on the idea that servers with 6TB of memory can help alleviate ‘big data problems’.


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