DB Weekly
Issue 61 — June 5, 2015
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A mixture of stylistic and practical tips for building an easy to understand and maintain schema for your SQL database.

Includes numerous new features, the new N1QL (SQL for JSON) query language, multi dimensional scaling, global secondary indexes, a new storage engine, and more.

Redmond Magazine
Includes Query Store, Polybase, Stretch Database, JSON support, row-level security, encryption, and in-memory enhancements.

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Redis Sentinel provides a simple and automatic high availability (HA) solution for Redis. If you’re familiar with how MongoDB elections work, this isn’t too far off. Learn more about Redis Sentinel.


N1QL is an SQL-like language introduced in the new Couchbase Server 4.0 (above) that brings SQL, NoSQL and JSON together.

Xuefeng Zhu
SheetSQL builds a SQL engine into Google sheet by storing and retrieving data directly in Google Sheet.

Graph databases are increasingly seen as a way to “connect the dots” as enterprise applications emerge requiring the linking of huge datasets.

Bruce Momjian
This talk explores how new NoSQL technologies are unique, and how existing relational database systems like Postgres are adapting to handle NoSQL workloads.

Hacker News
It’s not easy, but some people fight MySQL’s corner pretty well.


  • Database Administrator (Blacksburg, VA)Rackspace is seeking a Senior Database Administrator in our Blacksburg, VA office. The Senior DBA will be responsible for maintaining the company’s database systems (currently MS SQL Server) including back-up, performance tuning, capacity planning, monitoring critical events and documentation. Learn More.

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