DB Weekly
Issue 62 — June 19, 2015
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Pat Shaughnessy
Here’s a continued very deep dive into what happens under the covers of Postgres when you run a select statement. If you’ve ever been curious about the internals of Postgres this is a great primer.

Pinot is a realtime distributed OLAP datastore used at LinkedIn to deliver scalable real time analytics with low latency. It’s designed to scale horizontally and is open source.

Microsoft Virtual Academy
A professionally filmed 29 minute ‘getting started with databases’ video.

ObjectRocket   Sponsored
Redis has come a long way from being a small personal project from Antirez, to being an industry standard for in memory data storage. With that comes a set of best practices that most people can agree upon for using Redis properly. Check out 10 quick tips on using Redis correctly.


Barry Jones
If you want to use Postgres, but not run and maintain it yourself, Heroku or AWS are two compelling options. This is a thorough rundown of what you can expect from each.

“If you’re choosing a database for analysis purposes and you stumble across this post, read on and learn why MySQL is the wrong choice.”

William Lyon
How we can use the Neo4j graph database to help model a text corpus as a graph and implement a simple paradigmatic relation mining algorithm.

Pat Shaughnessy
“Don’t let your data out of the database until you need to… until you have just the values your application really needs.” Pat Shaughnessy looks at the benefits of letting your database take the strain instead of your programming language.

Zalando’s Head of Data Engineering, Valentine Gogichashvili, shares their experiences with PostgreSQL and how it fared scaling up to 100 million visitors per month.


  • Database Administrator (Blacksburg, VA)Rackspace is seeking a Senior Database Administrator in our Blacksburg, VA office. The Senior DBA will be responsible for maintaining the company’s database systems (currently MS SQL Server) including back-up, performance tuning, capacity planning, monitoring critical events and documentation. Learn More.

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