#192 — February 23, 2018

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— Peter Cooper, editor of Database Weekly

Why Should I Use a Time Series Database? — Last week, time-series database builders InfluxData raised a round and time-series databases are continuing to become popular for very specific workloads.

Katy Farmer

Use SQL in MongoDB? But of Course You Can. We'll Show You How — And there's so much more to discover. Like SQL Import & Export. Or our innovative Query Code that lets you instantly generate code from our Query Builder in Node.js, Python, or C#.

Studio 3T sponsor

MongoDB To Get Multi-Document ACID Transaction Support — We linked an early leak of this news last week, but now MongoDB has made the announcement themselves. MongoDB 4.0, due later this year, will support ACID-compliant transactions and MongoDB 4.2 will then add support for transactions across sharded deployments.


TablePlus: A Fast and Modern Native macOS Database Tool — It’s not free (there is a free version, however) but it’s nice to see the effort put into building this tool that supports numerous database systems.

Huy Phạm

How to Suck at Database Administration — Or ‘15 signs you aren’t a senior DBA’. A fun piece covering things you might know or do as a veteran DBA.

Tara Kizer

The Hybrid Database Capturing Perishable Insights at Yiguo — Yiguo is a large online produce marketplace in China with significant data management requirements. This case study looks at how and why they moved from Hadoop and SQL Server to TiDB and TiSpark.


Changing Data Types on Large Tables in SQL Server: The INT to BIGINT Conundrum — A walk through the process of changing a column’s data type on a 500GB table with minimal downtime.

Danny Kruge

Setting up Development Database Servers on macOS with Docker — Running database servers in containers may be tricky in production, but for development environments it’s a great option.

Bruno Borges

Performance at Scale: Keeping Your Database on Its Toes

Percona sponsor

Stream Processing 101: From SQL to Streaming SQL in 10 Minutes

Srinath Perera

Testing Database Changes the Right Way

Michael Malis

PostgreSQL Rocks, Except When It Blocks: Understanding Locks

Marco Slot

The 'null' Pitfall in SQL — Using != in a WHERE clause won’t match nulls - you’d need IS DISTINCT FROM for that.

Tanin Na Nakorn

Easy Cassandra Scaling with Terraform, Chef and Rundeck

Romain Hardouin

Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo

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MongoDB’s Drive to Multi-Document Transactions — A look at what was involved in bringing transaction support to MongoDB and how incremental advancements to MongoDB version-by-version led to where it’s at now.

Grigori Melnik